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Animmoov Digital and BWS Media Group enter strategic partnership

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India has been seeing exponential growth in digital media over the years. And, on that league is a versatile and continuously developing company, Animmoov Digital Media.

Animmoov, to deliver its services specifically in terms of online video advertising has announced a strategic partnership with the renowned BWS Media from Mexico.

Today, when the players are bidding mostly on the Vertical video and OTT market place, it is more than a requirement for companies like these two to join hands.

Animmoov Digital Media has been providing its services in India and SEA with its multi-faceted products. However, with this collaboration, the company is majorly focused on its Pro.V 9 video ad suits & studio as it boasts of generating the maximum ROI for the clients.

The partnership between Animmoov Digital and BWS media can cater to the market with their wide range of products. The products can aid the brands and advertisers to reach their maximum potential. BWS Media can benefit from the premium products line-up through which the dream of capturing the Latin- America Ad-tech market can turn into reality.

The founder, and CEO of the India-based company, Animmoov Digital media seems positively hopeful with the partnership. Mr Jainendra Kumar exclaimed that “It is essential to present video ads in such a way that it enables deep engagement with the audience. Also, Video ads allow the user to have a 360 understanding of the product. Our clients can have access to advance video ad formats and self-serve whereby they can acknowledge the deep engagement across all platforms. Our customized solutions ensure real data and the best-in-class products that you can find.”

Mr Jainendra also expressed his excitement with the collaboration with BWS Media and further added that “both our companies have so much to look forward. And, so do our clients! We dedicate to providing quality video ad products and media solutions globally.

Mr Abraham Moraflores, the COO of BWS Media said “today brands are more mature and aware of digital ad concepts. They are striving to make meaningful connections with their audience”.

He further remarked “audience engagement, data strategy, data analysis, and overall great media solutions ensure the brands to reach maximum height.

The game has changed- There are many challenges to stay ahead of the game, and it is immensely needed to push the envelope to provide ad solutions that hold real value.

Animmoov has brought the Home Run, shifting the way we are used to knowing video ads by creating Pro.V 9.

It is the first ad solution that centers on customer-centrism experiences, giving for the first time a complete experience to users with different kind of creative formats, guiding brands and audience to a delightful experience.

As BWS Media Group is always moving forward to offer the best services and features for our clients, it can be a game-changer for both the companies.

BWS Media would become the first agency to introduce Pro.V 9 on LATAM and EMEA regions.

It can also strengthen India and Mexico based companies to be leaders of “The Game” by developing media policies that will enrich the 360 digital strategies.

This partnership between the two is certainly something to look forward.





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