Anouk Myntra Campaign edgy yet sensitive

India is a country where Homosexuality has always been talked in hush tones in the Society. With the Supreme Court still not upholding Section 377, the recent Anouk Myntra Campaign ‘The Visit’ has made an attempt to celebrate ones individual choice.

The trio series designed and executed by Ogilvy and Mather projects the ‘bold and beautiful’, the contemporary women living life on their own terms. The ‘Visit’ has grabbed the maximum attention of all, featuring the first of its kind (homosexual) ad in the Country. The ad has gone viral as it touches upon an issue which is unusual to the Indian society and has never been openly talked about.

However it cannot be said that this is first ad which has dealt with the subject of Homosexuality. This subject has been taken on by other brands as well like Hindustan Times and Fasttrack and a few others..

The Video is a perfect depiction of the anxiety an individual has while introducing their partner to the family for the first time. The campaign has showcased the enigma and strong persona of a woman, by beautifully conveying how one can put an end to all the social clichés and fearlessly be ‘Bold and Beautiful’!

It tries to weave the theme of both ethnic wear and one’s own personal choice by giving a very strong tagline ’let’s not hide it anymore’. Ethnic wear has mostly been considered to be depicting the traditional society whereas in this ad it tries to break away from the society’s stereotype and adds a beautiful element of colours and choice.

There has been an evolution in the advertising industry in their approach towards conceptualisation especially when it comes to touching upon such sensitive issues prevailing in the society. For instance a lot of recent campaigns like Dove ‘Real Beauty’, Jabong celebrate the theme of ‘Being You’ have touched a chord. The recent campaign by Vatika, which highlights the struggle for cancer survivors or Tanishq’s ad that embraced the concept of remarriage in India are good examples of campaign talking about sensitive issues

The more recent ad starring Katrina Kaif which emphasises that,  its one’s own personal choice when to get married and it’s not the most important thing in every women’ life.

This campaign is a revolution in the context that it has dealt with the topic in a very sensitive way bringing in the necessary emotional quotient. Presenting beautiful layers of a relationship, filled with love and more importantly honesty.  

Manish Aggarwal, VP- Marketing, Myntra Fashion Brands quotes “In this milieu, ethnic wear is seen as the safe option, which makes a women look less sensuous and less appealing to the male gaze - this is the prevalent thinking. A plethora of ethnic brands occupy this safe space and are mutually indistinguishable. We wanted to give Anouk a sharply defined identity in this crowded category - describing it as an ethnic wear that is bold, vibrant and stylish and even edgy at times.

With this background, the idea was formed – encapsulating real life experiences and stories by delving into the lives of  the modern Indian women who deal with their choices and its consequences with beauty, style and a dash of boldness. The campaign symbolizes the Anouk woman as free spirited, but someone who is still connected to her roots. 

According to the Creative Director, wearing Anouk is not a compromise. It's a choice. "We realized that the modern Indian woman takes her choices very seriously, she defends them - in life and in her apparel,"

Edgy yet Sensitive

It’s a topic which has been dealt in a very sensitive way as Prahlad Kakkar, Founder of Genesis Film Production, says “The ad has been dealt in a very sensitive way and has portrayed todays Indians who are ready to come out of the closet and declare their preference. The point is that our conservative society, institution and the Right Wings are having certain reservation in accepting the reality. 

But since it has come in the limelight and people are ready to accept it, so media like television, internet is bound to take on issues resulting in communication in that direction. As long as it’s not offensive I think its fine.”

In an ecosystem where brand are moving towards issues that are important and relevant in today’s time. Is there a need for brands to create ad that are out of the box and has a whole different perspective. 

Sanjay Mehta Co-Founder & Jt. CEO of Social Wavelength states “It’s a great Campaign. I think in any kind of advertising if you play it safe and do not strike the right cord nothing will work. It’s only when you get edgy you will get noticed. Edginess is about bringing issues that matter and this ad is definitely taken on the cue. It’s only when you push the envelope, break from the clutter and that’s when the campaign gives a value to the brand.

Further adding “Myntra as a brand is coming out looking very forward, edgy and experimental. They have pushed the envelope in advertising by going in a territory which has not been experimented much before. Of course at the same time it has to prove that it carries on the fundamental Brand Character and I think Myntra is taken a call in the right direction.  

Echoing similar sentiment Aneil Deepak, Head of Idea and executive Director, DDB Mudra commented “I think it’s a much needed campaign. I am glad that someone could finally be brave and try to adapt to new changes. Myntra comes across as a forward looking future ready brand. People who liked the point of view will associate with the brand and be a part of it, to take on issue of such sensitive nature.

Progressive yet Responsible

While there are a number of Brand which have experimented and made changes according to the market needs but the question remains as a Brand have they adapted to the changing market scenario? 

Sandip Tarkas President (Customer Strategy) and CEO (Bengal Warriors) at Future Group says “It’s a very progressive thing that we are able to address such an issue on a mass media platform. It also shows the kind of maturity needed to deal with issue of such sensitive nature.

Adding further he states “We as Brand have also taken on issues that have been relevant with today’s time. For e.g. one of our campaign talked about how a husband is at home and wife is working, it showed about the evolution taking place in the society. This is a major shift showing the change in the mentality of today’s society and in a way it’s great that we are able to address such issues.”

Ramesh Chembath Business Head Cooking Appliances, Usha International points out “The ad is good but I am still not sure that the issue of homosexuality was required for this ad. Brands should not forget that it’s not only about creating ads for adult it’s also about kids who are consuming the ad. The only thing I felt was that it was not required to a certain extent but if they were doing the ad for creating sensation from that perspective they did a good job. It just shows that creativity has stopped to an extent and campaigns are being done to create sensation for the brands.”

In recent time Jabong has also been in the news for creating campaigns that have addressed various issues. Their recent Campaign has formed a connection with the audience. 


Praveen Sinha, MD and Cofounder, Jabong says “As a brand we are not hesitant in talking about or touching sensitive issues. It helps us connect better with current generation who believes in embracing their uniqueness and is unescorted by the thoughts of others. Likewise, Jabong too believes in & stands for “Be you”. Nevertheless, it is imperative that such sensitive issues should be taken up with lot of care & responsibility.”

The Industry still remains undivided in their take about the Campaign. The campaign has also definitely given a voice to many to express their views about the sensitive issues while opening door for other brands to come forward and touch upon many more sensitive issues.


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