Archetype-based marketing campaigns give more bang for the buck: Zirca

Zirca, a 360-degree digital brand marketing and content solutions company, launched its ‘Mind the (age) gap’ report – based on the ContentiQ Archetype Indicator test – today.

The research found that digital audiencesaged between 15and24 tend to have more than one archetype but are defined by fewer archetypes as they grow older. Marketers, therefore, must adapt strategies for different age groups – based on the archetypes – in order to better achieve their objectives and at lower cost.

In the digital world, most of us have more than one archetypes in our personal construct. Zirca’s ‘Mind the (age) gap ‘ is a study to validate the ContentiQ. Majority of online audience – even in the younger and millennials generations – is a realist. A realist can also be a go-getter and a maverick. It is common for brands to invest in market research to develop a better understanding of their audience. This allows brands to tailor stimuli for different groups based on behavioural and psychographic variables. These variables, called ‘archetypes’, represent human characteristics that evoke deep emotions and are universal. They form the basis of behavioural patterns, deeply rooted in the subconscious.

ContentiQ, a proprietary tool by Zirca, provides insights on digital content consumption by different archetypes. The ContentiQ Archetype Indicator Test classifies users by content consumption, which enables brands to map their personas to the archetypes. Understanding these archetypes helps gain insights into the audience’s behaviour and motivation, allowing for better engagement.

Karan Gupta, Managing Director, Zirca Digital Solutions, said: “In this cluttered digital world, understanding users’ needs is of utmost importance. With richer psychographic insights, brands can turn personas into archetypes and create relevant, personalised content that is exciting and engaging. At Zirca, we want to help brands understand the power of psychographics-backed content, and how it can engage minds.”

Neena Dasgupta, Director and CEO, Zirca Digital Solutions, said: “At a time when the digital consumer is in total control and attention spans are at an all-time low, it’s more important than ever to know exactly what your audience wants. Our aim is to provide brands a better understanding of their audiences and help them improve marketing by adapting strategies based on psychographic and demographic variables.”

The study ‘Mind the (age) gap’ by Zirca Digital Solutions, suggests that, the archetypes indicators test is crucial for brands to target more effectively. It gives them a better understanding of their audience’s demographic distribution and helps improve marketing by adapting advertising strategies based on psychographic and demographic variable.


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