Are Brands Leveraging Easy Promotions through Moment Marketing?

Authored by Shashwat Das, Founder, Almond Branding 

The advertising and branding world has become really dynamic especially with digitalization and thus, social media platforms have gained much popularity. Mainly, because these platforms are already a well-established network of people. Creating brand awareness, targeting a relevant audience, conveying the brand purpose has become easier. 

Through tapping, scrolling, and clicking, we grasp a pool of information in a single day. The marketers have taken advantage of this very fact to use social media for business development.

Nowadays a great social media presence has become essential for promotions and lead generations. The big, as well as small corporations, have become keenly aware of the power of marketing over different online platforms. This is because most of the customers make a buying decision over online reviews and awareness over various social media platforms.  

Whether you have a big brand or a smaller one, every business needs branding and advertising. The never-ending wave of digitalization has given birth to a new concept called moment marketing. Since there are no copyright issues, many brands leverage self-promotions by promoting trending brands or recent incidents.

The prime example will be the viral video of the owners of Baba Ka Dhaba. This small eatery made it in the Zomato’s restaurant list, tinder recommendation list, and also backed a partnership with Pepsi.

While everyone was busy circulating the sentimental story of this elderly couple and owner of Baba Ka Dhaba, the best marketers grabbed the opportunity to get customer’s attention. 

Moment Marketing – To Add the Punch for Your Brand

Moment Marketing - The buzzword among the brand strategists is becoming popular day-by-day. Many marketers are experimenting with it and they have realized that it helps reach the target consumers quickly that too with minimal expenses.

Moment marketing is basically taking advantage of the viral content or current happenings and creating advertising collaterals. This way brands become part of the ongoing conversations over social media platforms to create brand awareness with fewer efforts and costs.

 The Way to Go About a Moment Marketing Champaign 

As a marketer, you need to seize the time and moment. The key to run this kind of campaign is by being sharp and aware of viral trends. 
Make sure your campaign is in line with your product or services and overall brand strategy so that your sales are spurred successfully. 
Another knack of a good moment marketing campaign is being witty and using humour. It makes your posts more share-worthy and creates spontaneous conversations about your brand. Remember meme rules the internet.   
Ride on the pop culture wave to get to know what your audiences are obsessing over currently. Strategizing your content in this way will grab your audience’s attention effectively.  
Engage in banter with your audience or influencers. Witty comebacks always keep the users hooked with your posts.

Benefits of Moment Marketing 

Everyone wants to learn what is trending these days. Internet users are all about the news and gossip. Moment Marketing helps you communicate with the audience and give them what exactly they need.

You can grab the audience’s attention and encourage engagements on your posts or page.
The posts/creative made for moment marketing are the most shared content over the social media platforms. So, you have the benefit of knowing the interests of your audience.

Make your brand the talk of the hour by going viral. This will extend your brand visibility and reach a wider segment of the audience. 
It is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools. Thus, adapting moment marketing gives you better results in fewer costs. 

Decoding How the Recent Baba Ka Dhaba Incident Became the Hotspot for Moment Marketing

It is said that marketers never fail to recognise a single moment to promoter their brand and gain customer attention. Moment Marketing goes hand in hand with the harnessing the user-generated content. Soon after the video of the owner of Baba Ka Dhaba went viral, all the brands started talking about to incident and came up with various strategies to simultaneously promote both, Baba Ka Dhaba and also their own brand.

Paytm made sure that the restaurant has an easy monetary system using the QR code and online payment. This made sure Paytm was mentioned in the upcoming posts and of course, the labels on QR codes guaranteed offline promotions. Another example related to this incident that The National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) announce that it will help Kanta Prasad and his wife to build a COVID-complaint and upgraded infrastructure.  

Tinder took it to Twitter and urged their audience to consider Baba Ka Dhaba for their next date destination. Addressing the incident and aligning it with their brand identity was a true mastermind.   

Zomato listing Baba ka Dhaba in the restaurant’s list, make it the talk of the hour. This attracted a lot of attention towards it Zomato. PepsiCo ensured that their brand’s presence is felt. From billboards to banners, gifting beverage cooler and stocks of the beverages, the company even helped the couple with ration for their personal use.

Other Brilliant Examples of Moment Marketing  

The most leveraged incident was the Rahul Bose banana moment. The best creatives were made by Zomato, Nature’s Basket, Pizza Hut, and Durex.

A Twitter conversation between two friends about the Spotify logo reminding them of Britannia biscuits turned out to an opportunity for both the brands.

When Hima Das went on to become the first Indian athlete to win gold at the IAAF World U20 Championship. The brands congratulated her in the most innovative ways, especially Dunzo.

Sacred Games season 2 had the brands rolling their wits to create awesome tongue in cheek humour.

The Modi Government’s move of demonetization was most advantageous to Paytm. It created a lot of awareness of online payments as well as the band. 


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