Are Facebook Ads Worth The Investment In 2021?

With the media and press being so critical of Facebook and a lot of people deactivating their Facebook accounts, one might think that Facebook has run its course and now it’s game for Facebook but this statement is far from the truth. Facebook is as strong as it ever was and the same is the case for Facebook advertising, it remains as strong as ever. 

People are spending millions of dollars every year on Facebook advertising and they have seen success stories across the board that’s why they are spending such huge amounts on Facebook advertising. 

If you are someone who is looking to reach a wider audience, generate new leads, and gain new customers then you can count on Facebook ads. Some companies even completely rely on Facebook ads and invest highly in organized Facebook ads campaigns to stand out from their competition. 

Facebook has over 2.7 billion monthly active users and counting. It is the world’s third most visited website only second to Google and Youtube. If anyone is on the internet then there is a huge chance that they will be on Facebook too and if not Facebook then probably Instagram which is also owned by Facebook. The reach that the advertisers get through Facebook is unmatched and it will stay like this for a while. 

Facebook Ads Placements

To reach the audience, advertisers have to use placements. Placements are basically where your ads will show on Facebook and Facebook has a lot of different ad placements to offer including:

Feeds: These ads appear in the News Feed of people as they scroll through their Facebook feeds on both mobile and desktop.

Stories Ads: These ads appear as full-screen vertical ads in between people’s stories.

In-Stream Ads: These ads appear while users are watching videos

Search Ads: These ads appear alongside search results on Facebook and Marketplace.

Message Ads: These ads show on the Messenger App.

In-Article Ads: These appear in Instant Articles within the Facebook app.

Facebook has a lot of different ads placements to offer and it also offers two options for Ad Placements. You can either use the Automatic Placements option that displays your ads across all placements simultaneously for the same budget or you can use the Manual Placements option that allows you to manually choose the places to show your ads.

Advantages Of Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads has very advantages, some of which are mentioned as under:

1. Detailed Targeting

Facebook allows you detailed targeting options that can be very useful for your ad campaigns. It allows you to spend your ad budget by breaking down an audience using different factors such as demographics, age, locations, pages they engage with, the mobile device that they use, etc. 

This data can be very useful for the advertisers and markets to pinpoint and target the audience to whom they want to target and also, whom they don’t want to target. This allows a company to target the right people and generate more leads and higher conversions. 

For instance, if you own a product or tool regarding Word Games such as Scrabble Word Finder then you should target people who are interested in Scrabble, Words With Friends, etc so that you can generate more leads. 

2. Custom Audiences

Facebook also allows you to target people on Facebook who already know about your business by creating a Custom Audience. You will have to upload first-party data such as an email marketing list or list of previous customers and then you can target those previous customers or that custom audience again.

3. Lookalike Audience

Lookalike Audiences is a tool by Facebook to find a new audience that is similar to your existing customers. This involves taking insights from your current audience and targeting a new audience that will most likely become your new audience. Once you have built a custom audience for your campaign, it would be very easy for you to make a lookalike audience from it and start targeting lookalikes.

4. Robust Analytics

Facebook also provides Robust Analytics to all of its users who use Facebook ads. It clearly lays out all the metrics that are related to your campaign’s performance in Ad Manager to help you. These metrics include post engagement, conversion rates, sales, and much more. With the help of data from these analytics, you can refine your campaign and focus on producing such a campaign that will allow you to boost your return on ad spend. 

5. Get More Reach 

With Facebook Ads, you can create awareness about your brand among the customers and get potential customers to know about your business and use your products. If you know how to target the right people at the right time and deliver the content that they want to see through ads then there will be no stopping you from standing amongst your competitors and getting a hefty amount of value in return from your ad spend.


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