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Arrow’s launches latest campaign ‘Best Is Yet To Come’

Marking its 25th anniversary in the country this year, Arrow continues to stand tall for its contemporary, timeless and classic workwear; one that India has loved it for. Celebrating decades of being expert shirt makers, the brand is not one to stop at its milestones; because it believes that the best is yet to come.

Pioneering workwear styles that allow professionals to look and feel their best each day, Arrow has been at the forefront of shirt-making from creating the first detachable collar in 1851 to creating 400 more. Known for a myriad of apparel innovations since time immemorial, Arrow has also been known to create stain-free, shrink-free shirts, AutoPress wrinkle resistant shirts, Superluxe - the first stitchless shirt, the Smart shirt, the 4-in-1 shirt and the Auto flex trousers amongst others. But in its tireless bid to never settle on past accomplishments, Arrow continues its quest to better yesterday.

Bringing fervor to life is Arrow’s newest campaign - ‘Best is yet to come’, conceptualized and executed by Arrow’s AOR, integrated agency What’s Your Problem Brand Solutions. The film encourages professionals today to do their best each day and stop at nothing. Telling them how yesterday’s awards, promotions, successes are all yesterday’s, but today is a new day and the need to outdo oneself must never rest, because the best is yet to come.

The film shows Arrow celebrating 25 years in India by dressing up retired corporate professionals who they missed dressing up earlier, as these professionals had already retired before Arrow had launched in India. Thus evolved the idea of dressing up Mr. O. P. Khanna, an 82-year-old man to celebrate his past corporate achievements and his pursuits today, where he strives to be better than yesterday. And dressing him up is to showcase that even his best corporate look is yet to come. 

“Trusted as the expert workwear brand for the discerning Indian professional; Arrow has been at the forefront of legacy and innovation for the last 25 years in India. But not one to rest on its glory, through this campaign, we want to urge the young or old, working or entrepreneur, sportsman or director; to continue their journey for perfection, knowing well that their best is yet to come. It was a privilege shooting with Mr. O. P. Khanna, mirroring his quest to keep going even at 82 is inspirational” exclaimed Sumit Dhingra, CEO, Heritage Brands Division, Arvind Fashions Limited.

Amit Akali, Founder and Creative Head and Aditi Naikar, Creative Supervisor, What’s Your Problem Brand Solutions (WYP), “When our Strategy team shared this philosophy, we resonated with it personally too. While the ‘best is yet to come’ as a belief is inspirational for someone irrespective of their experience, what better way than bringing it alive with an 82-year-old business achiever, now retired for over 25 years. Rarely has a fashion brand dared to use an old man as a model.  With Arrow’s team of designers, international stylists, make-up artists and photographers, we set about making him look better than he’s ever looked before. This was a live activation, captured on film by Director Prasad Naik and his team at Fusion films. We all realized that O. P. Khanna’s story was so inspirational, we just had to do justice to it by capturing its reality – at the same time Arrow is a fashion brand, and I think Prasad has managed to make it both, a fashion film and an emotional documentary.” 

Prasad Naik, Director said, “When WYP came to me with the idea I was really excited. Being a fashion photographer who has been constantly trying to reinvent myself I resonated with the thought of ‘best is yet to come’. I was also clear the film had to be shot in a real, documentary style just bringing alive Mr. Khanna’s true story - but it also had to look more beautiful and contemporary than any fashion film you’ve seen - which is why we flew down a German cinematographer from Portugal who specializes in these kind of documentaries.” 


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