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‘Asian Paints Where The Heart Is’ Season 5 starts with Suniel Shetty

90s Bollywood heartthrob and superstar Suniel Shetty who still gets temperatures soaring, has an expansive holiday home tucked away in the lap of nature in Khandala. The luxurious and open-spaced home surrounded by greenery is a balm for the weary city dweller. On the first episode of Season 5 Asian Paints Where The Heart Is’, the star himself takes you on a tour of his beautiful home, built with passion and perseverance, together with his wonderful wife, Mana. For Suniel, the sense of freedom his home gives him is unparalleled, as it drives him this nook of heaven every chance he gets.

Nestled in the hills of Khandala, the gorgeous property has an intrinsic colour theme adoptedfrom its natural surroundings. The greens and reds represent the natural green and earthy coloursthat is an integral part of Suniel Shetty’s home ambience. The home exudes a blissful feeling of peace and tranquility which is reflected in the life-size Buddha statue overlooking the infinity pool. Set on a cliff’s edge, this beautiful villa sees views few others do: monsoon clouds rollingin over beautiful views of the Karjat valley in the distance, trees taking root in the crags and corners of the estate and a babbling brook along one edge of the property lending its voice to a pleasant afternoon.

Suniel’s home is set out to mimic the story arc of a film: there is an introduction, a body, and a climax to this story. With the two big themes of greenery and wooden accents taking centerstage, the colour story here is one that blends beautifully with the views that surround this house. The architecture of this house is one with nature: there’s even boulders on the hillside that have been left in place and are now part of the living area, there’s beams from a railroad that make for a short walkway to the dining area, there is a room with a roof that splits open so you can see the stars at night.

Suniel and wife Mana have built a home they’re proud of, and rightfully so: they have nurtured this patch of the hillside and have personally planted scores of trees and plants over the last decade, they have tended to the brook that runs by their home, they have made memories to last a lifetime. Their children have grown up here and Suniel is reminded of his own childhood in this home: the light, the air, the sounds all speak of a place far from the busy-ness of Mumbai. In the end, that is how it should be: a home should be a collection of memories not just of your recent past, but of your beginnings as well. There is a lot of heart in this home, real and unfiltered, tethered and down-to-earth. Much like Suniel Shetty, this a home that hasn’t lost touch with its roots. Catch the exclusive tour of his home given by the superstar himself, in the 1st episode of Asian Paints Where The Heart Is’ Season 5.


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