At Godrej, we see digital TG as conversation partners: Ajay Dang

Like every year, people are facing severe mosquito infestation during the monsoons, even as Dengue and Chikungunya cases are on the rise. Following the heavy rains in Mumbai and Delhi, many twitteratis started conversations around how annoyed they are about mosquitoes and to what extent are they ready to go to #Killmosquitoes.

Tracking these conversations, Kala Hit chose an innovative approach to reach out to the netizens through an interactive digital campaign, called ‘101 ways of killing mosquitoes’. The brand built on this conversation by converting some of the wacky ways of killing mosquitoes into creative content pieces such as gifs, short videos, etc. With this, Hit also revealed the most convenient way of killing mosquitoes – Kala Kala Hit with Lime flower fragrance, which kills mosquitoes instantly and leaves behind pleasant lime flower fragrance.

To spread the word of securing one’s personal space from mosquitoes, Hit launched a contest that invited netizens to participate by sharing more whacky ideas to kill mosquitoes. The contest got a roaring response with extremely funny user generated creative content and the top 101 ways of killing mosquitoes have been populated on the campaign microsite,

Sharing his thoughts on the campaign, Ajay Dang, Head - Marketing, Godrej Consumers Products, said, “Kala Hit is the undisputed leader in the home insecticide aerosol segment, to further drive penetration of aerosol format it has introduced a new variant called Hit Lime Flower Fragrance, which kills mosquitoes instantly and leaves behind a pleasant lime flower fragrance. The dual benefit of instant efficacy and pleasant fragrance makes Kala Hit Lime flower fragrance an exceptionally convenient solution to kill mosquitoes hiding in the corners of the home.”

The campaign is based on the consumer insight of how the nuisance caused by hidden mosquitoes brings everyday life to a grinding halt, forcing us to react with anger. Current measures to eliminate hidden mosquitoes, are arduous, and often fail. No wonder, consumers feel angry and annoyed. Kala Hit Lime flower fragrance has been introduced as an exceptionally convenient way of killing even the hidden mosquitoes.

Commenting on the campaign idea, Parag Shahane, Unit Creative Director, LinTeractive, said, “Revenge is an integral part of a human mind and one can go to any lengths to express it. By using this insight, we wanted to bring out the rage and physicality of wanting to kill mosquitoes through exaggerated, funny videos which will lead them to the microsite housing the 101 ways of killing mosquitoes. Users were told to upload their views on ways of killing mosquitoes, where the best 101 ways will be featured on the microsite. Through this campaign, the attempt was to drive engagement and deliver the message that Kala Hit Lime is a convenient way of killing mosquitoes.”

On using digital for this campaign, Dang said, “Digital media, unlike traditional media, is interactive. At Godrej Consumers Products, we see digital target audience as conversation partners and the key to success on digital media is building engagement with them. The ‘101ways to kill mosquitoes’ campaign has been specifically designed for online media to evoke participation of netizens.”

Elaborating further on the campaign Dang said that the initiative started out with a series of conversations, on and offline, centering around the core thought of ‘101 Ways to Kill Mosquitoes’. An array of multimedia content has been created, that encourages people to actively participate in dealing with the mosquito menace on platforms that were already trending with such conversations. Also, contests were rolled out on Twitter and Facebook urging users to share interesting ideas on how they will kill mosquitoes.

He added that this being the first campaign for Hit Lime fragrance, which was purely digital in nature, hence the budget for the campaign has been considerably higher.

He pegged the household insect-repellent market in India at roughly Rs 4,500 crore. “Hit holds a 10 per cent share in the HI segment and dominates the aerosol format with 85 per cent market share,” Dang informed.

Speaking on the creative brief for the campaign, Parag Shahane said that it revolved around Kala Hit Lime Fragrance being the most convenient way to kill mosquitoes as it delivers instant efficacy and leaves behind a pleasant fragrance.

Elaborating on the creative ideation and execution of the campaign, he added, “Mosquito infestation causes serious disruption in our life, which triggers the emotion of extreme anger. This drives the revenge mindset of humans to go to crazy lengths to kill the mosquito and vent out their frustration. We thought we could leverage this as an entry point to the campaign idea.”

When asked whether the quirky nature of the campaigns distracted one from the serious problem of mosquito menace, Shahane said, “Historically, Hit has always used dark humour to connect with the TG and create some of the most memorable campaigns. For ‘101 Ways’, humour was a natural fit to not only engage with the audience, but also leave a serious message at the end that mosquitoes are dangerous and should be necessarily killed – thus, introducing the new variant with Lime fragrance as a RTB.”


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