AU Bank First Festive Campaign for Ganeshotsav #Badlaavhumsehai

Ganeshotsav Film Concept:

The Protagonist, Aditya, is coming home from Mumbai for Ganeshotsav. His family is delighted to see him. Festivities and celebratory excitement run high. Amidst all this, Aditya notices how the men in his family are eating first and expecting the ladies of the household to clean up/ finish up after them. This upsets Aditya so much that he starts avoiding meals with his brother and father. When this comes to his father’s notice, his father acknowledges his disdain for this practice and effects a Badlaav for the better.


Relevance to #BadlaavHumseHai Concept: 

With this film, AU Bank address the age-old custom of males of the household eating before the women. In today’s day and age, this practice has lost its rationale, and works only as a measure to imply a member’s importance in the household. With the thought that ‘a family that eats together, stays together,’ AU Bank ignites a small, do-able, yet significant change in the dynamics of our culture and family values. Indeed, there is no better time or occasion to bring about this change than Ganeshotsav, an opportune time to start something new, and unite people with a common spirit of Badlaav.   


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