Audible lists down sleep catalogue for World Sleep Day

Amidst the daily chaos of life, the one thing that provides you with an escape from stress and revives you for the next day is SLEEP. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the need for relaxation and sound sleep is more profound than ever.

To celebrate and of course, experience the best sleep of your life, enjoy Audible's sleep catalogue with audiobooks and podcasts narrated by renowned celebrities harnessing the power of audio!.Ranging from guided meditations and bedtime stories to sound baths, it is specially designed to help you sleep better. So, go on plug in your head phones, switch it on and say good night!

Some titles are:

The Perfect Swing

Written by James McGirk; Narrated by Nick Jonas

This unique story is written specifically to help you drift off, with no clear beginning, middle, or end, so you don't need to follow the details too closely. In it, you'll hear Nick Jonas describe how baseball legends Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams reached legendary status and how they shaped the three components of a perfect swing.

Honor Yourself

Written & Narrated by Diddy

In this meditation guide, hip-hop legend and entrepreneur Diddy confidently guides you through a relaxing and reassuring meditation technique designed to help you slow down and find inner peace. Through his signature lilt, he begins by helping you set a vision for your time together, then enables you to unwind from your day by affirming you're precisely where you're supposed to be.

You Are Here

Written & Narrated by Gabrielle Bernstein

Grant yourself a short respite from the day's stress and allow one of Oprah's favourite spiritual guides to take you inward gently. Millions rely on her disarmingly candid and life-affirming wisdom, and now meditation guru and motivational speaker Gabby Bernstein is sharing her talent here. In less than 10 minutes, this unique meditation guide created exclusively for sleep will help you relax by guiding you to focus on your breath and imagine each part of your body completely releasing.

Rest and Digest

Written & Narrated by Sara Auster

In this sound bath experience, renowned sound therapist, meditation teacher, and author Sara Auster harnesses the power of peaceful sounds and quiet guidance to help calm your mind and relax your body before bed. Linger softly in the pre-slumber state as Sara enables you to access a gentle transition into a restful sleep. Sara has specially designed these recordings with the intention of rest and, ultimately, sleep.

Crystal Bowl Breathing

Written by The Big Quiet; Narrated by Jesse Israel

In this meditation guide designed to help you sleep, Jesse Israel, successful music executive and founder of The Big Quiet, guides you to synchronize your inhalations and exhalations to the deeply relaxing sounds of vibrating crystal bowls played by Jackie Cantwell to quiet your mind and body before bed.

Bedtime Stories for Stressed Out Adults

Written by Anna Good & Jasmin Night; Narrated by Holly Wolf

The stories you are about to listen to in this audiobook were crafted for sleep hypnosis, alleviating anxiety, relaxing for better sleep and helping us grown-ups stay mindful in this distraction-filled world we inhabit. Each story has a description that will stimulate your senses; vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch; which help your mind feel at ease so you can go to bed at a decent hour every night and have a depth & sound sleep.




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