Augmented Reality is changing consumer buying pattern and experience

AR is an enhanced version of the technology that allows users to control, connect and interact with digitally generated images. Eventually, the use of AR will keep increasing with the rise of the usage of smartphones. It can be experienced with handheld and personalized devices readily available with us. AR offers a customizable solution, real-time interactions, and accurate representations experience to users like never before.  The transformation in buying patterns by consumers while accessing information and details of the product from any place at any point in time. 
According to a survey conducted by the world's largest and most reputed agency, Research & Market stated that by  2026, both AR and 3D rendering markets would increase at a 38.4 percent CAGR and have a market value of US$ 172.8 billion.   
Digital transformation has become critical for the success of any business and augmented reality plays an important part of this evolution. Augmented reality is currently being adopted by a number of industries that include retail, automobiles, healthcare, travel, manufacturing, real estate, gaming, and marketing to name a few. AR has many real-world applications for customers to experience and becoming an important technology for enterprises. 
Shorya Mahajan, Co-Founder of Adloid says ,“AR experiences are the way forward for brands to create personalized memorable experiences for their customers. AR is going to disrupt ecommerce across all sectors. We at Adloid believe AR is particularly going to completely revolutionize how customers buy automobiles, home decor, eyewear, makeup, jewelry and other fashion products. Around 77.3% of ecommerce customers abandon carts, most of them do it because they are not convinced about the product. AR can alleviate this doubt by letting customers try the merchandise before they buy from the increasingly ubiquitous mobile phones. At Adloid, we have found that add to cart rates can improve from 10% to 25% with the use of AR, which is a huge win for both retailers and their end customers. AR allows companies to offer 3D product visualizations, virtual showroom and try at home experiences at the click of a button. We only expect to see this trend increase with more and more retailers embracing the technology. “
AR is a real game-changer and it's changing how people communicate and interact. Its impact across an array of different fields is likely to expand as the technology matures and develops, especially in the area of customer experience.

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