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Azadi Records & 4/4 Entertainment Collaborates to Create 4Z4DI Entertainment

Azadi Records and 4/4 Experiences are proud to announce their merger and the creation of 4Z4DI Entertainment. It’s a 360-degree multi-disciplinary company that covers marketing, artist management, audio-visual programming and production services in the entertainment sector. Their roster comprises 12 producers, rappers, songwriters and street artists - including the likes of SeedheMaut, Prabh Deep, Swadesi, Ahmer, Zake and others. These artists are the forefront of creating forward-thinking, era-defining art and subculture and 4Z4DI Entertainment hopes to become a one-stop shop for all things culture in the years to come.

This merger was the result of Mo Joshi, Nikhil Udupa, Himanshu Vaswani and Uday Kapur, founders of 4Z4DI Entertainment, scanning the cultural landscape and recognising the need for a forward-thinking organisation that had the ability to conceptualise, produce and distribute cultural experiences and content without compromising on quality. The ethos of the two companies places an importance on developing and nurturing creatives who drive subcultures. This merger significantly increases the resources, both on the creative and management side, that are available to 4Z4DI Entertainment. It will allow the organisation to deliver cultural experiences that will play a pivotal role in shaping how the audience engages with and consumes culture in South Asia.

4Z4DI Entertainment comprises of three divisions -

  • Azadi Records // Independent Record Label
  • 4/4 Experiences // IP Development, Event and Content Production
  • 4Z4DI Artists // Artist Management Division

The AZ4DI Entertainment catalogue now comprises over 250 songs, 60 million + catalogue streams, 300+ events, 4 original IP’s ,2 million followers across 9 languages.

With these three divisions, 4Z4DI Entertainment hopes to expand its roster and develop innovative new IPs. These creative outlooks will highlight stories from across the sub-continent and showcase artists from communities that are ignored by the mainstream over the course of the year.

4Z4DI Entertainment celebrates this new beginning with the launch of “OUTLIERS”. It is a new series of shows where producers showcase their new teams and MCs’ are invited to collaborate with them and freestyle on stage. The launch show will be held on 3rd February at AntiSocial, Mumbai. The line up features Bamboy, Calm, Raakshas, Zero Chill, So Fire on the decks dropping their original beats and SeedheMaut, Prabh Deep, Swadesi, Tienas on the mic with their verses. It will also have an open house for emerging MC’s to get on the stage and showcase their skills.

“2020 was a tough year for everyone, but out of adversity we’ve managed to create something very special in this merger. Covering an end to end spectrum of services from large scale event production to IP development and brand campaigns, not to mention our continued drive and passion to create a catalogue reflective of the times we live in. Exciting times ahead of the team and artists at 4Z4DI Entertainment.” - Mo Joshi - Label Head, Azadi Records.

“Challenging times need like minded folk to band together to face the unknown. 4/4 Exp and Azadi records have always believed in the same principles and worked towards similar cultural goals. Combining forces gives us hope that we will get to play a huge role on how the coming generations consume culture and tell their stories” - Nikhil Udupa,- Head, 4Z4DI Artists.


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