Bajaj Pulsar teases an eclipse to reveal its black editions of N160 and P250

Bajaj Pulsar prepared to add 2 new bikes to their roster - the P250 Brooklyn Black and N160 Brooklyn Black. The challenge – to create enough anticipation around the launch of the all-black range of bikes. 

To captivate bike enthusiasts for the upcoming launch, the Ogilvy Content Force & Bajaj Pulsar emulated an eclipse across their Instagram page. For an entire week, Pulsar’s Instagram feed showcased a moon with phases of an actual eclipse. Amidst the shadow, a silhouette of a bike emerged, enticing viewers about a likely launch, soon to be revealed.  

With each passing day the eclipse phased closer to completion, unveiling a clearer glimpse of the upcoming mystery bike. For the next two days, the audiences were kept eagerly waiting for the moon to be entirely eclipsed. Finally, after a week-long wait, the viewers were treated to the all-new N160  Brooklyn Black on 22nd June and then the P250  Brooklyn Black on 24th June.  

Continuing with the eclipse theme on YouTube, the brand also overshadowed other biking videos on the platform. On the launch day, YouTube mid-roll ads were placed to create an eclipse effect over the reviews and videos of other competitor bikes, with a provocation that an Eclipse has taken over the streets and their video. The CTA button would lead them onto the website that revealed the bike details and invited inquiries. 

This activity spiked the engagement amongst the pulsarmaniacs – a fitting welcome for the Bajaj Pulsar P250 and N160 Eclipse. 


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