BARC measures effects of Nepal Earthquake and Salman Khan Case on Television

With recent Earthquake in Nepal and Salman Khan Verdict there has been an impact on the Viewership of TV news both Hindi and English Channel as analysed by BARC.

At the same time BARC puts light on how the changing dynamics of the real world has an impact on the reel world.

It is a BMW software which helps in analysing and gaining rare insights on Television audience viewership measurement and analytics in times of hell, distraught and celebration.

Hindi News:

We observe Aaj Tak has been the market leader for all 3 weeks closely followed by ABP News, among top 8 News channels

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We also observed ratings of Hindi News channels peaking on 25th Apr (Nepal Earthquake), the ripple effect is observed for next 3 days. On 6th May peak in viewership due to Salman Khan News

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News channels as can be seen in the graph below started peaking around 11:45 am on 25th Apr (Nepal Earthquake)


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ABP News as seen in the graph below takes over no.1 position (Salman Khan Story) on 6th May

Inline image 7

25th Apr – Earthquake News:

Increased viewership on 25th April we can see - from Delhi, Guj for all Hindi News

Inline image 8

Our Teleview Report as seen under: Channels breaking news on Nepal Earthquake: ABP News at 11:44:53, Aaj Tak at 11:44:54, India TV at 11:45:50 & Zee News at 11:46:30

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Here’s also sharing the Reach Grid on 25th April: Reach is maximum for Aaj Tak, followed by ABP news

Inline image 10

6th & 8th May – Salman Case

Interesting observation to take note of is ABP News rat ‘000s were highest on 6th May, whereas Aaj Tak gained on 8th May

Inline image 11

English News:

In all 3 weeks Times Now is the clear market leader with around 38% channel share in the current week.

Inline image 12

We also observe that English News Channels peak in ratings on 25th Apr (Nepal Earthquake) & on 6th May in viewership due to Salman Khan News. Though unlike Hindi News, higher traction was seen on 6th May.

Inline image 13

Clearly, English News Channels gets less traction as compared to Hindi News Channels on 25thApr for the Nepal Earthquake News

Inline image 14

We also observe that English News Channels peaks post 4 pm on 6th May, with different peaks for different channels as seen under

Inline image 15

Our Teleview Report as seen under: On 25th April we observe, CNN IBN breaks the news at 11:45:52 am followed by Times Now at 11:46:40 am, NDTV 24x7 at 11:46:43 am and Headlines Today at 11:48:43 am

Inline image 16

And finally we share the Rat 000s Grid: Times Now getting traction on 25th Apr. and 8th May. Higher for CNN IBN on 6th May

Inline image 17





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