BBDO Guerrero and Pepsi address frozen food mix-ups

Filipinos love reusing ice cream tubs as frozen food containers. However, this can lead to frustration for some family members, who expectantly open a tub labeled Mango Sorbet to find frozen squid. Or discover chicken legs in a tub that was supposed to be Mint Chocolate Chip. 

Pepsi and BBDO Guerrero are advocating against being shortchanged in their current campaign “No More Maling Akala” (No more disappointments) for the new Pepsi Go bottle which is larger and thus less frustrating than its leading competitor.

Pepsi is not here to tell you off. Instead, we’re here to turn those frustrations into fun,” shares CSD Marketing Manager, Gutzee Segura. She added that Pepsi wants to make its connection to the younger audience stronger and having executions that are relevant to their truths can help make the brand more relatable to this emerging audience.

“It started out as a scene in the video. But it resonated so well we decided to give people the tools to create the customizable labels that would stop the feeling of being short-changed” says Creative Chairman David Guerrero

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