BBDO India and HP bend the rules again!

BBDO India has created a new cool TVC for HP’s ‘Bend the Rules’ campaign called ‘I like your soch, but love my approach’. In continuation to HP’s successful global campaign ‘Bend the Rules’, the new TVC represents the millennial attitude of bending the rules, challenging status quo and stereotypes. Today’s youth has a different understanding of life - their heroes are often people who follow alternative paths to great success. Instead of treading the well-worn path of a degree and a corporate job, they use the power of technology and their passion to create their own success, at an early age. They are not rule breakers or rebels; they just wish to change the practice of blindly accepting established norms and received wisdom.

Conceptualized by BBDO India, the idea behind the campaign was to capture millennials bending rules and forcing everyone to revisit the notion of what’s possible. A laptop that bends 360 degrees can help them bend even more rules. HP, with its superior technology, gives these successful millennials the power to make things happen! ‘Bend the Rules’ celebrates this change or new approach by helping the brand collaborate with the millennials.

The TVC highlights a situation showing the conflict between the old and the new. The old way of working was all about hierarchy where wisdom, success and power were associated with age. Work happened in offices and in fixed hours. The new ways of working, driven by the millennials who now are more open to being entrepreneurs aren’t very fixated on separating work and play. They believe that work can happen anywhere and anytime and needn’t be confined to cubicles –it can happen in a coffee shop too! They firmly believe that when you love what you do and do what you love, the barriers between work and play vanish. Inspiration and ideas cannot be limited by locations as they can strike you anywhere. In the commercial there is a group of executives who are trying to understand this ‘new way of working’. The millennial protagonist instead of confronting them, lets his actions speak for himself and signs off by saying “I like your soch, but love my approach”.

Keeping this thought in mind, Josy Paul, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer, BBDO India said, “Technology is changing the codes that we live by. At home, at college, at play and at work. We are witnessing a collapse of old hierarchy, and the barriers between work and play is vanishing. To an earlier generation these changes appear as out of norm or out of convention and they probably sneer at them. The new HP campaign plays off this tension between the old soch and the new approach.”

When asked about this new approach to old soch, Lloyd Mathias, HP Marketing Director, APAC and Japan-Hewlett-Packard said, “HP has been running Bend the Rules campaign since the last one year. The campaign started with establishing the thought that millennials are challenging conventions and going beyond the expected. In 2014 this evolved to a space which was about following a passion and use the power of technology to fulfil dreams. For the 2015 campaign, HP continues to engage with millennials and leverage how they are changing the world around them using technology. Our objective is to inspire the large Indian population by sharing inspirational stories of people that have bent the rules by changing the way things are approached.  The 2015 campaign focuses on millennial attitude of “I like your Soch, but I love my Approach.”

The TVC is part of a larger digital campaign - a social media focussed campaign with webisodes featuring real examples of people who have a ‘unique approach to their soch’.


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