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Behind every great love is a great story!

Let the feeling of love overpower you this month with ‘aww-some’ moments of lush emotions. Love knows no boundaries – whether it is a passion of youth or when showing that it is ageless. Get a taste of this in the cultural phenomenon, a chronicle of romance and togetherness - The Notebook, featuring for the first time on Romedy NOW as the ‘Romedy of the Month’ on Saturday July 26th 2014 at 9 pm. Starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel Adams, ‘The Notebook’ is presented by Dove, powered by SMC.

Catch an elderly man, Duke in a modern day home for seniors read a romantic tale from his notebook to his lady co-housemate suffering from dementia. Go back to the old world charm of the 1940s with a young and passionate farm boy Noah (Ryan Gosling) falling in love with 17-year-old heiress Allie Hamilton (Rachel Adams) at a carnival.There is idyllic romance, an ancient mansion that Noah dreams of owning, and social class difference that nips the love affair in the bud.

Noah writes letters to Allie for a year but they are hidden by Allie’s mother and remain unanswered. As the two young lovers feel betrayed by the other,the World War II has Noah joiningas a soldier while Allie becomes a nurse. A twist to the tale is when a charming, rich, and handsome soldier Lon Hammond Jr. enters Allie’s life as her fiancé.

Seven years later at her wedding gown trial, memories of love come gushing back as Allie sees a photograph of a now wealthy Noah who has bought the abandoned mansion in hopes of getting Allie back. Allie visits him in Seabrook and the flame of love rekindles. But will Allie sacrifice her love for commitment to Lon and lose true love for the second time or reclaim a love that was always hers? Meanwhile, figure out how their story is connected to Duke and his lady companion to make an eternal love story.

If a love tale like this one cannot send you in a swoon, then little else can! You have surely got all nostalgic and sighed after witnessing this sweet love story, remembering ‘that one time when…’? A love that you couldn’t forget even if you wanted to. Whether you were lucky in love or just carry the love in your heart, share your love story with and relive those bittersweet days! Go down memory lane on Romedy NOW’s twitter page and take us with you with #RememberWhen and your story. The sweetest one will be rewarded!

And then with the special ‘What would you Do?’ activity on Facebook tell us the path you would have chosen if you were in Allie and Noah’s shoes. Followed their footsteps or written a different ‘happily ever after’ or ‘never after’?


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