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Being Happy – a requisite for Longevity!

It’s 10 AM, and a strong whiff of coffee and sandwiches fills the air. Fists are being bumped, chairs are being pulled out and excited voices discussing, arguing, laughing. There is so much energy, you can almost touch it. No, we are not talking about a college campus here. We are talking about WATConsult – a thriving, bustling Digital powerhouse which has shaped the digital footprint for brands since the past ten years. 

Many of those excited voices have been at WATConsult for over 5 years – a rare feature in an industry where talent is hard to find and is easily poached. “When there’s so much activity and so many people pushing themselves to be better all around you, how can you leave?”, quips, Sahil Siddiqui, Group Creative Strategist, who’s been around for over 7 years.

His words hold true, when you look around both floors of the beautiful office, you can clearly see that the energy across is strongly palpable. What sets the place apart is the sense of ownership and a free-hand to operate in best interests of the client – freedom opens creative doors.  “It’s not like going to office, it’s like working for yourself. Every morning when I wake-up, I feel excited and eager to get to work, because this place lets me be my best self. It makes me own”, says Sabiha Khan – Group Account Manager- Strategy who has been with the agency since the past 6 years.

As the day progresses, you can see WATizens huddling in brainstorms, with rock, trance and Bollywood streaming from various corners (being enjoyed with equal ardour). There is clearly a sense of diversity and a fantastic gelling of different backgrounds which only adds to the value that each one brings forth. “There’s always something new to be working on. We have always somehow managed to attract the best talent and some of the most interesting people.”, adds Sahil. “We have an eclectic bunch of folks here which makes it fun to work. I have been adding to the eccentricity since 2010, being the only Jew here”, guffaws Yosef, Group Creative Strategist

Yosef started out as a Social Media Executive, and through the years has made it to the ‘thinking’ department – Strategy. “That’s what is amazing about this place, you can chart your growth here – you develop your aptitude and can scale in it”, he says. “Not just you, the company works hard in scaling clients as well which in turn drives you to work harder,” adds Manika – Group Account Manager, Operations, “I still vividly remember the day I was allotted my first client, today we have the mandate for their international business.”

Growth in employees and growth in business – is the mantra that stems from the management. Rajiv Dingra the Founder & CEO is a firm believer in creativity, agility and growth and his beliefs can be seen and felt trickling down in everything his company has done over the ten years. In his own words, “People need to be tuned to the company’s vision and mission and happily so. Only then can a company survive and thrive. I like my team to enjoy their work. To me being success is building a happy and strong team who believes in WATConsult and who is WATConsult in the true sense,” he signs off with pride. 


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