Being trendy now an everyday affair, courtesy Flipkart Fashion

Barely six months since it launched an integrated campaign to promote its fashion category, Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart is now back with the second phase of the campaign. While the first phase focused on pitching Flipkart Fashion as the one-stop place to spot and buy the latest trends, the second phase will focus on Flipkart helping people to “Be trendy always”.

With its key strengths of scale and prices, Flipkart makes trendy fashion accessible to everyone, thereby enabling people to be trendy always. We all desire to wear trendy clothes every day. However, this can be an expensive affair, and hence, most of us reserve our trendiest outfits for special occasions. But with Flipkart Fashion, everyone can be trendy always.

On the back of this input, Lowe Lintas Bangalore came up with a brief that a person who dresses up trendily every day is perceived to be someone who earns a lot and hence can afford to wear trendy clothes every day. Flipkart Fashion will bust this myth in this campaign. But affordability as a route to be trendy is a proposition which has been claimed by a lot of other players. Hence, to differentiate and humanize a generic proposition and generate a better visual recall, the team developed two characters- Neha and Naveen who know the solution to be trendy always, without going over their budget. The entire campaign is designed around these 2 characters.

The team conceptualized a series of films in which people are shown talking about the protagonist (Neha or Naveen) who is dressed trendily every day, and they are wondering how he/she is able to do so. They guess that it is probably because she /he earns really well or has a rich background. The series ends with a scene in which it is revealed that they are able to dress trendily every day because Flipkart is not just providing them with latest trends handpicked by fashion experts, but is also making them affordable.

Commenting on the launch of phase 2 of the integrated campaign, Shoumyan Biswas - Head, Marketing, Flipkart said: “Flipkart is the market leader in fashion amongst all online businesses. Our vision is to be India's most preferred destination for trendy and affordable fashion. Hence, our category communication task for Fashion is to ‘Democratize Trendy Fashion’ for every Indian consumer. On the back of deep consumer research, we have understood that the desire to look

good and be ‘trendy’ is universal and cuts across all demographics. Though, there are a few 'beliefs' that hold people back. In phase 1 of fashion campaign in January, we had addressed the belief "that fashion trends are confusing or overwhelming". That campaign gave us phenomenal results in terms of business and perception change. In the 2nd phase of the journey, we will address the 'belief' that ‘Trendy Fashion is expensive’ and limits everyday usage. We have taken a very interesting approach to communicate this proposition through the endearing characters of ‘Neha’ and ‘Naveen’ who have cracked the code of "being trendy always". These stories will be told in different phases of an integrated brand campaign across multiple online and offline touch points.”

The integrated campaign has been split into three phases which includes pre- proposition reveal (phase 1), discovery (phase 2) and post proposition adoption (phase 3). The first phase will comprise a set of six 10-second ads in which people are seen wondering how the protagonist manages to wear trendy clothes every day. The ads end with a ‘Coming soon’ message sans the main protagonist. The objective is to create intrigue around the two main characters from the master films by keeping people around them wondering how they are able to dress trendily every day.

The second phase will involve the launch of the master films, in which the protagonists are shown wearing trendy clothes and it is revealed how they manage to dress up trendily every day. The objective is to establish the proposition of ‘With Flipkart Fashion, you can be trendy always’. In these films, the protagonists answer the question of the pre-campaign period - “How they are able to dress trendily always?

The third phase will comprise of two 15-second films, in which the same people who were wondering in the last phase have now become trendy, thanks to Flipkart Fashion. The objective is to establish that everybody in the film universe has adopted Flipkart Fashion and are dressing up trendily every day.

Highlighting the campaign objective, Rajesh Ramaswamy, ED, Lowe Lintas said: “We had a solid insight in hand- people who dress up very fashionably and everyday are perceived to be loaded. So the execution idea was to break this myth by introducing Flipkart Fashion that everyone can afford.”

The marketing campaign would span the online and offline platforms and reach out to a cross section of the populace in various regional languages.

Team credits:

Client: Flipkart

Agency: Lowe Lintas Bangalore

Creative: Arun Iyer, Rajesh Ramaswamy, Ujjwal Kabra, Adarsh Atal

Account Management: Hari Krishnan, Anand Narayan, Parshuram Mendekar, Jayendra katti, Ketaki Joshi

Planning: Ajay Ravindran

Production House: Opticus Inc.

Director: Nitesh Tiwari


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