BFSI saw strong ad presence on Digital & Print in Jan-Apr’21; 2% growth in TV ad volumes

BFSI ad volumes grew by 2% in Jan-Apr’21 over same period in previous year; compared to this, during the same period Digital ad insertions grew significantly by 84% over Jan-Apr’20. Advertising growth of 49% was seen for the BFSI sector in Print in Jan-Apr’21 over Jan-Apr’20, while BFSI ad volumes on Radio grew by 27% in Jan-Apr’21 over Jan-Apr’20. This was revealed in the TAM AdEx report on advertising by the Banking Finance Investments (BFSI) sector across TV, Digital, Print and Radio during the January-April 2021 period.


The Top 10 advertisers accounted for more than 50% share of ad volumes during Jan-Apr’21, with LIC of India leading the list with 18% share of the TV ad volumes. Life Insurance had 33% of the ad volumes, the highest among BFSI categories. More than half of the ad volumes in the sector were covered by the Top 3 categories solely.

More than 150 new brands were present in the sector during Jan-Apr’21 over Jan-Apr’20. UPstox was the top new brand, followed by the Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI), LIC SIIP, Liberty General Insurance and Bharti Axa Life Guaranteed Income Pro during Jan-Apr’21, compared to Jan-Apr’20.

The News genre alone had nearly 70% of the sector’s ad volumes, followed by GEC in the 2nd position with 11% share and Movies in the 3rd position with a share of 10%. The Top 3 channel genres grabbed 90% of the ad volumes share for the BFSI sector during Jan-Apr’21.

With a share of 43%, News Bulletin was the most preferred program genre to promote BFSI brands on Television. The Top 2 program genres – News Bulletin and Feature Films – together added more than 50% of the sector ad volumes.

On TV, Prime Time was the most preferred time-band, followed by Afternoon. Together, the Prime Time, Afternoon, and Morning time bands combined for more than 70% of the ad volumes. Advertisers of the BFSI sector preferred 20-40 seconds ad size on TV. 20-40 seconds and <20 seconds ads together covered 89% share of the ad volumes during Jan-Apr’21.


On the Digital medium, ad insertions increased significantly by 84% during Jan-Apr’21, compared to same period in last year. Life Insurance category was on top with 35% share of the sector’s advertising. A distant second was Securities/ Sharebroking Organisation with a share of 18%.

The Top 10 categories added 97% share of the sector’s ad insertions on Digital. The Top 10 Advertisers had 61% share of ad insertions during Jan-Apr’21, with ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co on top of the list, adding 21% share.

The Ad Network transaction method topped with 45% share of BFSI’s ad insertions on Digital during Jan-Apr’21, closely followed by Programmatic/ Ad Network with 43% share.


When comparing Jan-Apr’21 to Jan-Apr’20, there was a noticeable rise of 49% in BFSI’s ad space in the Print medium. The Top 10 advertisers accounted for more than 40% share of the print ad space. Life Insurance topped among the categories of BFSI sector in Print with 1/4th of the ad space’s share. The Top 10 categories added more than 80% of the sector’s ad space during Jan-Apr’21. LIC of India was the top advertiser in the sector with 30% share of ad space during Jan-Apr’21.

In Print medium, more than 2,000 new brands seen during Jan-Apr’21. ICICI Bank InstaBiz was the top new brand, followed by RailTel Corporation of India-IPO. Four out of the Top 10 new brands were from LIC of India during Jan-Apr’21.

English language was on top with 52% share of ad space, followed by Hindi language with 21% share. The Top 5 Publication languages together added 87% share of the sector’s ad space. General Interest publication genre had 56% share of sector’s ad space in Jan-Apr’21.

Among the four zones, South Zone topped in BFSI advertising with 35% share during Jan-Apr’21. North Zone had a share of 27%, closely followed by West Zone with 26% share and East Zone was placed in the fourth position with a share of 12%. Mumbai and New Delhi were Top 2 cities in overall India for advertising in the BFSI sector.


Indexed growth in Radio ad volumes for BFSI grew by 27% during Jan-Apr’21, compared to Jan-Apr’20. On Radio, Life Insurance category topped with 33% of the total BFSI ad volumes. Housing/ Construction Loans was a distant second with a share of 19%. The Top 10 categories added more than 90% share of the sector ad volumes on Radio. The Top 10 Advertisers added 88% share of the ad volumes during Jan-Apr’21, among which LIC of India led the list with 32% share, followed by State Bank of India with 20% share.

On Radio, more than 100 new brands were present during Jan-Apr’21, over Jan-Apr’20. SEBI (Securities & Exchange Board of India) was the top new brand on Radio medium, followed by LIC SIIP on the 2nd position.

On Radio, the Top 2 states occupied more than 1/3th of the ad pie for the BFSI sector. Maharashtra state was on top with 19% share of ad volumes followed by Gujarat with 16% share.

Advertising for the BFSI sector was preferred in the Evening and Morning time-bands, combining 87% share of the sector ad volumes on Radio.


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