Bhaskar Bose wins gold at the NY Festival 2023 Radio Awards

The New York Festivals 2023- Radio Awards announced the season’s winners recently on the 18th April 2023 at the virtual Storytellers Gala. While there were approximately 15 more Indian entries that made it to the nominations, Spotify Original and MnM Talkies’ detective audio series ‘Bhaskar Bose’ exclusively won ‘Gold’ in the Best Drama-Podcast category globally.

The NYF Radio Awards are widely regarded as one of the most prestigious audio awards of all time. Winning an award for 'Bhaskar Bose' is a proud moment for India and the team behind it.

Recognized as a popular audio detective series in India, Spotify Original ‘Bhaskar Bose’, helmed by Indian Actor-Director Mantra is centred around detective stories, giving you a taste of the good old comic book world with a mix of suspense and compelling characters that has had listeners coming back for more. The show has won various accolades and awards over the years. 

'Bhaskar Bose,' (played by Mantra himself), is a distinguished and sharp detective who solves a variety of crimes with his best friend Inspector Bikesh Das (played by actor/musician Shadaab Hashmi). The iconic duo has certainly pioneered the world of audio cinema with their powerful and consistent performances. 

“We are absolutely thrilled to have won the only Gold award for 'Bhaskar Bose' at the New York Festivals 2023 Radio Awards. I am happy that our storytelling values, combined with the exceptional performances of our talented cast, has captivated audiences worldwide. This is a huge milestone for us and is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, and we are grateful for this recognition. We are hoping to continue entertaining our listeners and bringing new and exciting stories to the table,” says Mantra (Actor & Director, ‘Bhaskar Bose’ | Founder & Director, MnM Talkies).

With over seven successful seasons, the show has won hearts all over the world. It is one of the most celebrated and the longest running audio detective shows in India with a digital community of fans who like to call themselves as ‘Bhaskariyans.’ 


The Drama Podcast category is one of the most competitive categories at the New York Festivals Radio Awards, and ‘Bhaskar Bose’ win at the NYF is a significant recognition of the show’s exceptional performances, great storyline and high production value.


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