BIBA Urges to Fulfill a Mother’s Bucket List

BIBA, the leading Indian wear brand, has come up with their latest digital campaign titled “Project Ghar”, the film Project Ghar touches upon how mothers build a safe and a fulfilling environment for her family & how they prioritize their children’s dreams and desires, while putting her own on the side and finding happiness and success in her children’s success. The film urges the children and the spouse to plan and honor the mother’s dedication by helping her to tick off her Wishlist.

BIBA over the last few years, has created films which bring to the fore social issues which are not openly talked about & are talked behind closed doors such as dowry, gender discrimination, and the films has managed to create awareness and impact by reaching out to its stakeholders and getting them to notice and talk about these issues. Some of the most successful campaigns done by BIBA in the past are called #EqualWorldStartsWithYou,#ChangeTheConvention, #ChangeTheConversation, #ChangeTheQuestion, #ChangeForProgress#WoMannKiBaat and #ChangeThePerspective

To celebrate Mother's Day, BIBA came up with a powerful digital film which depicts that being a mother is not an easy job where mothers do not get any appraisals or promotions. This film is all about recognizing your mother’s job as a housewife, which is not less than any professional in this world. BIBA wants to make all the mothers aware of how they are doing their job with exceptional dedication, of which they are totally unaware.

The film opens with the common hustle of arranging the table before dinner. Both the son and daughter give their mother good news that they got promotion and appraisal in their office. The girl soon hands over a piece of folder paper to her mother. The mother opens the paper and reads a bucket list. It reads Switzerland mountain top trip, learning a new instrument, meeting a film celebrity, small business owner, solo trip to Gangotri, Disneyland with best friends and start an NGO.

Soon the film goes into a flashback, which showcases the mother as a young woman preparing her bucket list which matches with what her daughter outs down, but because of her decision to be a full-time mother, the mothers bucket list has never come true.  The mother is shocked to read her Bucket list after so many years. That’s when her husband thanks her for managing one of the biggest projects of their family successfully- ‘Project Ghar’ and goes on to wish her Happy Mother’s Day by gifting her Red BIBA dress in a box as a bonus for her successful project.

The film subtly touches upon the sacrificial nature of the mothers and how they go on living and performing that role, sideling their own dreams and Wishlist. It's time for her near and loved ones to acknowledge her sacrifices & find a way to honor her wishes and help her fulfill her dreams.

BIBA stands and honors the complete woman, who can be a homemaker, an entrepreneur, a young girl who has dreams but is unsure of her path. So, this Mother’s Day, BIBA is spreading the message that it is time to appraise our mothers. Read between the lines or directly ask her what it is that she has always wanted to do. What is on her bucket list? Whether it is to travel, or to study more, or to just spend more time with her family, let’s make sure that this Mothers’ Day, we make an active effort at fulfilling our mothers’ dreams and wishes.

Sharing his views on this digital film, Mr. Siddharth Bindra, MD, BIBA said, “This film is remarkably close to my heart as my own mother was a homemaker and it's only because she decided to pursue her dream (much later in life) that she went ahead and gave birth to BIBA. Today with this film it is our endeavor to make all the mothers feel special and thank them for being a constant support even though many a times their efforts may have gone unrecognized.”

Rahool Talukdar’s, National Creative Director, Dentsu iProspect India said, “This is very personal. I don’t think I have seen a better professional than my mother, although she has always been what our society calls is a ‘housewife’. Her multi-tasking skills, man-management skills, ability to upskill, being composed at the face of adversity, leadership… there is nothing that that she lacks to become an ace at work. And yet there she is, diminutive, unaware of her exceptional dedication, almost accepting of all this as BAU.


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