BIG FM launches ‘Dhun Workouts’ for empowering one’s lungs and soul!

Coming from the same school of thought and taking it forward, Radio network  BIG FM in partnership with WAT Consult, has launched ‘Dhun Workouts’, an initiative curated for the workout of the lungs and soul. Known as the frontrunners in purpose-driven campaigns, these exercises will not be the regular ‘Breathe-Hold-Release’ that is common in the health and fitness space. Unleashing the hidden potential of Bollywood music, the initiative shall have the added element of Bollywood and fun that will leave audiences singing along and enjoying to their heart’s content! Taking into account the rising health crisis that the country has faced over the past couple of years, citizens of India are taking special care of their health through exercise, sports and meditation amongst others. 

With Dhun Workouts, the radio network will curate a list of few Bollywood songs that will help in better breathing and concentration. These will be played on the radio every hour for 30 seconds where BIG RJs will encourage listeners to sing along to the Dhun. Taking audiences convenience in consideration, these lung workouts can be done anywhere and anytime as listeners just have to sing along to the tunes and see their lungs feel better after the exercise. These songs will help listeners breathe better, leading to being able to concentrate better. The exercise will also help improve the posture to facilitate efficient breathing, overall aiding to healthy lungs. The tracks will not only be played on air, but also be promoted digitally and on ground in malls, schools, corporate offices, etc. 

 BIG FM  Country Head, Product, Marketing and THWINK BIG Sunil Kumaran said: “The past two years have laid emphasis on the importance of having good health like never before. Amidst the covid crisis, the prominence of having good lung health has been of the utmost importance. At BIG FM, we are happy to introduce a workout that’s unique and at the same time important for our listeners. We have always believed in reaching out to our listeners through our various initiatives for their good health, be it mentally or emotionally. As the frontrunner in launching purpose-driven campaigns and initiatives aimed towards bringing positive change in the society, ‘Dhun Workouts’ is our earnest attempt to reach out to our listeners and raise awareness on the importance of having healthy lungs.”

Dhun Workouts will feature some popular Bollywood tracks for the listeners to sing along. The campaign will not only see participation by BIG RJs but will also have Digital influencers and celebrities joining the workouts and urging their fans to do the same. Additionally, BIG RJs will also encourage school, college and corporate workforce on ground to participate in the lungs workout activity with them. The campaign is being extensively promoted across BIG FM’s online & digital platforms. Tune in to BIG FM on air and on their social media platforms and have an amazing workout with us!


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