Big Stack to launch India’s first Online Poker University

September marks the month of revolution in the world of Poker with a Delhi based lifestyle brand going all in by launching India’s first online poker training platform. Filling a major gap in the poker industry,Poker University by Big Stack believes that acquiring skills from Poker makes an individual more adept at life skills like calculation, psychology etc. Founded by Rai Sahib Khurrana, Ritesh Tanu, & Sunny Kochar, their idea is to make learning Poker a wholesome experience that positively affects the all-round personality of an individual both in personal and professional life.

Giving Poker a profound spin, Rai & Ritesh both aim to establish Poker as a sport, which should have been the case from the beginning they believe. Rai opines, “Poker has been a way of life for many successful entrepreneurs across the globe. The game of Poker teaches a lot of life skills that can be the success mantra in both life and business.” His vision is echoed by best-selling authors like Dan Casetta and Ellen Leinkind. Ritesh Tanu adds, “We now have a lot of corporate interest in the game of poker and he predicts that the game would soon be a key component of curriculums of top management schools.” Ritesh an astute Digital Marketeer, is used to taking calculated risks attributeshis success to the hours spent on playing poker.

Big Stack made way into the hearts of Poker Enthusiasts with Poker Merchandise, a vertical that serves this community with well-crafted and tasteful Poker Apparels & Accessories. Rai an entrepreneur backed by angel investors from the Signature group, is determined to make the game more accessible for those who wish to benefit from this sport through his soon-to-be-launched Poker University.

The precedent for the legitimacy and the authenticity of Poker being a great sport is set in the West where acclaimed Universities have incorporated Poker in their mainstream courses. They also have dedicated societies and big Poker rooms in their campuses to facilitate this sport which is now equally treated as a subject. Harvard and Yale University lead the brigade, though there are many others as well. Even India is not too far from accepting the game as a career option and it is great to see, Deepak Dhayanithy, Assistant Professor, IIM Kozhikode teaches a class on competition strategy using the game of poker. 

Big Stack aims to make poker an ultimate sport played professionally in India given our generation’s rising interest in the game and their ability to make a successful career out of their passion.


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