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Bindass Presents 'Live Out Loud' Its Now or Never

Have you ever wanted to express your feelings to a secret crush, or perhaps apologize for old wrong doings? Do you ever feel like going down on one knee to propose to your love or just give a big shout out to your parents thanking them for everything they’ve done? Gone are the days of letters, emails and even text messages with an all new and innovative way of expression –Bindass Dance Squad which comprises of around 250 coordinated dancers/people who will help you speak your heart out. And building on this unique style of communication, Bindass presents “Live Out Loud – Its Now or Never”; a show that helps you let go of all your inhibitions and express yourself in the most amazing way! 

A first of its kind show, Live Out Loud oozes zest and spunk thereby bringing alive the new brand proposition of Bindass that encourages the youth to act now and ‘rest less’ to realize their dreams. The youth today exemplify an abundance of vigor which reflects across all their actions. The new brand campaign of Bindass stems from this observation of the Indian youth which in turn has inspired the soon to be seen vibrant programming on the channel. The new line up of shows encourages the youth to grab all tasks at hand and work towards their goals NOW! Live Out Loud – Its Now or Never will be the first show from the bouquet that will inspire participants to let go of inhibitions, think beyond the ordinary and act NOW to pursue their dreams!

Live Out Loud will be anchored by the gorgeous Natasha Suri and versatile Pravesh Rana. The two of them will get to be a part of the participants’ mesmerizing journey as they help them forgo fears and inhibitions and express their feelings out loud. The show will also have renowned Bollywood choreographers Uma and Gaiti who lend their expertise to the Bindass Dance Squad and put into action the numerous feelings that the participants wish to express.

Anchor Pravesh Rana says, “I’m extremely excited to be back on Bindass with yet another clutter breaking concept like Live Out Loud. This is such an innovative platform for people who want to express themselves and live life to the fullest. They dare to chase their dreams and showcase their feelings and I am more than happy to be a part of their journey and help them create great memories.”

Only the most deserving candidates will get this unique opportunity to live out their most desired wish! On understanding the recipient better, tasks will be designed for the participant and the episodes will capture the preparations and rigorous rehearsals that lead to the grand reveal. The Bindass Dance squad will join the participant in making his/her surprise a success. These live out loud moments will be spread across locations such as swanky malls, amusement parks, a beach, a 5 star hotel or even a parking lot. Commenting on the launch of Live Out Loud, Keith Alphonso, Business Head, Bindass, says, “Live Out Loud is a great manifestation of Rest less – Bindass’ new brand campaign. Youngsters today want to live in the moment and express themselves right there and then and this show gives everyone an opportunity to do just that – to act now. We are inspiring people to dream big and create special memories they will cherish for a lifetime and we couldn’t have it any better way”.

This show is definitely going to take many by surprise as they receive or acknowledge feelings or emotions people have had for them but yet suppressed for so long. This will be a show unlike any other that will inspire, motivate and encourage people to shed their fears and truly express how they feel. This will be their definitive chance to plan their most desired surprise on a magnanimous scale and create an unforgettable experience! Live Out Loud will help turn the dreams of a lucky few into reality making sure that the event will forever remain etched in their heart, mind and of course, celluloid!


Want to speak your heart out…Bindass helps you do it now!


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