Bipin Pandit set to host the Popular Musical Nite KHUMAAR on 26th September


KHUMAAR is a personal initiative of Bipin R Pandit, Chief Operating Officer, The Advertising Club. It has been organized since the last nine years with great amount of success. The title for the first year was Shame-e-Ghazal which was an exclusive Ghazal programme by the great Ghulam Abbas Khan, son in law of Padma Bhushan Ghulam Mustafa Khan. Since the second year the programme had unforgettable popular Hindi musical hits of yesteryears hence the title Khumaar as the audience experience intoxication through top quality music.

Having been on stage for 25 years as a professional compere and mimicry artist forming my own group which will have best known artists (singers & musicians) performing was always a dream.  It is an endeavour to put the collective stage experience of 25 years as a professional Hindi compere who adds a dash of Urdu along with my mimicry talent for the benefit of my fellow professionals from various sectors. Thus Khumaar was born.
Khumaar has gained in popularity with every passing year and is held for the past 10 years in top auditoriums of Mumbai.  Today it is a group of 18 artists (4 to 5 male singers, 2 female singers, 10 musicians, 1 Compere and mimicry artist and a sound recordist).  As Khumaar grew in popularity most of the known faces from the Advertising, Media & Marketing Industry started attending the shows.  Some names who have graced the Khumaar show regularly are Shashi Sinha, Pratap Bose, Bhaskar Das, Prasoon Joshi, M. G. Parameswaran, Nagesh Alai, Ajay Kakar, Ajay Chandwani, Ramesh Narayan, Bharat Dabholkar, Pradeep Guha, Sunil Lulla, Avinash Kaul, Pranesh Misra etc.

Some top class artists who have sung for the Banner are Ghulam Abbas Khan, Pandit Suresh Wadkar, Roop Kumar Rathod etc.  Khumaar was also graced by the presence of legendary Pyarelalji of Laxmikant Pyarelal fame. 

KHUMAAR has been conducted at all major metros and in all interiors of Maharashtra. It will always take the shape of a musical evening of old melodious Hindi numbers. The uniqueness of the show lies in proper segmentation i.e. Solo, Duets, Classical, Quwwalis, Hits of unsung heros.    

All the artist of KHUMAAR are top notch professionals who do stage shows for their living and also perform with the best know music directors of the film industry.

All the professionals from the Advertising marketing and Media world need quality entertainment as they are drained out due to their punishing schedules. Further on the Khumaar platform I provide opportunity to young artist who have quality chosen meticulously after careful scouting for the simple reason that if they reach great heights in future I will be the happiest man. Thus a young girl who looks promising is coming from Nagpur to sing for Khumaar. She has now taken admission in Mumbai college and has plans to make a career in singing.
The objective is to have a musical nite for the industry and bring the Media, Marketing and Advertising fraternity together to have a fun filled event. Music is like a soothing lotion it knows no agendas, politics and exchanges. It takes everyone close to God.

We have done shows for corporates in the interiors of India eg dealers meet where people go into raptures listening to old hindi hits. The aim is to spread the net and go international.

Khumaar is happening on Saturday, 26th september, 2015 at the Maniksabhagrha Auditorium of I.E.S, Opp.Lilavati Hospital and close to Rangsharda, Mumbai at 6.30pm.


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