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Bombay Shaving Company Women bats for sustainable menstrual choices

Bombay Shaving Company Women (BSC Women) has launched a bold & riveting digital campaign #SayYesToTheCup to drive awareness for Menstrual Cup and bring attention to sustainable menstrual choices. In the form of a rap battle, the campaign film dramatizes the benefits of using a menstrual cup versus more common forms of menstrual hygiene such as sanitary pads, thereby encouraging women to switch to comfortable & easy-to-use menstrual cups.

Two crews, representing the BSC Women menstrual cup and pad, battle it out, pitting the typical reactions of conventional sanitary products against the factual benefits of using menstrual cup.

The campaign #SayYesToTheCup kicked off from May 28th which is marked as Menstrual Hygiene Day. But true to the brand's personality of being bold, quirky and expressive, this movement is not restricted to a day.

Elaborating on the thought behind the campaign, Siddha Jain, Chief Business Officer, Bombay Shaving Company Women said, “We believe in changing the game of how women’s hair removal and hygiene is perceived in India, and this is a movement towards our vision. Being a cup veteran and promoter myself, my team & I have carefully crafted the perfect cup for all humans who menstruate. Ultimately choosing the right sanitary product is really personal: we’d just like to make sure that choice is made knowing the facts. Staging a rap battle was a playful way to present some of the reservations about using the menstrual cup that we hear, alongside the benefits that cup users enjoy – in the end, as ever, it’s down to the viewer to pick their ‘crew’. But we will definitely be always on about menstrual cup awareness and convince you to #SayYesToTheCup.”

Engaging and fun, the campaign film opens with a typical day at the office when a woman suddenly realizes she is on her period and her two colleague aka Pad-academic & Cup-a-holic seem clearly interested to onboard her onto their respective crew. From there, the film transitions into an epic rap battle between the two crews and with the cup convincing the viewer to #SayYesToTheCup



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