Brand moments: Thanks & not pranks dominate brands’ April Fool’s Day campaigns

Pranks and practical jokes abound on April Fool’s Day. However, given the sensitivity of the pandemic situation across the country, brands are observing the occasion to express gratitude and are urging people to give back to society instead of playing pranks on people.


Google has decided not to fool the world with its April 1 jokes this year due to the threat of coronavirus that has affected the lives of people around the globe.

There are several other brands who are giving out a similar message for the society.

T- Mobile

T-Mobile has broken the tradition of April Fool’s Day by launching its #GiveThanksNotPranks campaign. T-Mobile is calling on everyone to pause the pranks on April Fool’s Day this year and focus on gratitude. This year, the campaign’s focus is on teachers and classrooms.


Wattpad, too, has decided to pause the pranks on April Fool’s Day this year and has become a part of T-Mobile’s campaign. Every time one sees #GiveThanksNotPranks, T-Mobile will donate $5 to the classrooms.


OnePlus+ has also donated $25,000 to T-Mobile to support in this campaign.

Also joining T-Mobile in this campaign are brands like Motorola, OnePlus, SanMar, Wattpad, Mattress Firm, and Drone Racing League. These brands have pledged their support and will be pausing the pranks and will be donating to various non-profit organisations.

There are few brands who celebrated April Fool's Day by promoting themselves right,

Burger King 

New Brand Logo : We did a little something to our everything. Not Kidding!


All you foodies are our baes. So no pranks for you. Only Biryani. #AprilFools


Vedantu launches Super Pets, the world’s first specialized training program for pets.

Disclaimer: This is an April Fool’s Prank by Vedantu.


What does a brand do when Holi and April Fool’s Day are almost back to back? Shake it up for its fans with some well-intentioned fun, 'cos “Bura Na Mano, Holi Hai”. Keventers launched a limited time period ‘Bhang Flavoured Milkshake’, on the eve of the Holi long weekend; with a reveal on April Fool’s Day of how they had orchestrated a well-timed and aptly themed prank around a product that didn't really exist.

RIO- Heavy Flow Pads

In the uterus, we cannot trust! Have you ever been fooled by the uterus?

Teddyy Diapers

This #AprilFoolsDay, the prank calls will cease to exist when diaper duty happens on the right time, only with Teddyy's wetness indicator!



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