Brands celebrate Pride Month, 2022

Every year in June, Pride Month is celebrated, marking the victories and struggles of the LGBTQ+ community throughout history. Around this time, the sky is filled with an unique hue speaking of freedom and love above all. The origin of pride month dates back to the 1960’s when police would raid gay bars, and one such day was 28th June, 1969, which has triggered the courageous fight by the LGBTQ+ community for freedom to live life according to their own terms, expressing and unconditionally accepting one’s true identity.

On  the morning of 28th June, 1969, the police raided the gay club, Stonewall Inn on Christopher Street in New York, on charges of functioning without a liquor license arresting around 13 people. During those times, bars were not allowed to serve gay people, by the city administration, besides imposing other discrimination against them. In the days to come, there started the Stonewall Rebellion or the Stonewall riots in which the members belonging to the LGBTQ+ community fought back even more courageously and stood up for themselves, with  marches, events and parades. Since then, the fight for freedom and autonomy by the LGBTQ+ activists resulted in the United States Supreme Court issuing a ruling giving the right to marry for same sex couples in the year 2015. Initially ‘gay power’ was proposed as the tagline for the Stonewall march; however since the members of the LGBTQ+ community felt great pride about their identity, the theme was decided to be the ‘gay pride’. President Bill Clinton declared June as Gay and Lesbian Pride month in 1999 while President Barack Obama and Joe Biden further expanded the commemoration to the LGBT Pride month and the LGBTQ pride month.

Like every year, brands are celebrating Pride month this year as well with new colours of joy, uniformity, equality, diversity and hope.On the occasion of Pride month, KayBeauty says “I love my pride but I’m not defined by it” putting an emphasis on individuality. While UGG celebrates Pride month by stating “Its about preserving people so they have the ability to experience joy in life and not just think about survival”, Netflix celebrates it with an unique storytelling experience celebrating a pride that’s vibrant, resilient, unabashed, courageous, true and tender, celebrating the pride of many. Microsoft introduces its Pride month campaign by saying “ In a country where you have freedom of speech, one of the detrimental things you can do is not use your voice” telling the stories of some LGBTQ activists emphasizing the fact that pride has no borders.H&M says ‘Family is the people who love you, no matter who you love” on the occasion of Pride month, telling the stories of some unique LGBTQ people who have chosen their family. BMO has initiated a meaningful campaign, encouraging people to take picture of a rainbow sign or actual rainbow and deposit at whereby they will donate $1 to Rainbow Railroad, a charitable organization fighting for LGBTQ+ rights. Pantene presented #Hairhasnogender campaign, saying “Whatever hair you dream of, whatever job you aim for, we support you”. Fabletics kicks off Pride month with styles suiting every body type. 




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