Brands celebrates Menstrual Hygiene Day

Menstrual Hygiene Day (MH Day) is celebrated on 28 May every year. It falls on the day of the International Day of Action for Women's Health 2022 across the world.  The day is celebrated to highlight the importance of menstrual care and aims to raise awareness about the social issues and challenges faced by women during menstruation. In 2014, people from around the world celebrate May 28 as World Menstrual Hygiene Day by participating in public rallies, campaigns, workshops, etc.
Even in the 21st century, several women and young girls do not have access to proper menstrual knowledge, and menstrual hygiene infrastructure including sanitary napkins, clean toilets, or even safe disposal.
This year, the theme is ‘Making menstruation a normal fact of life by 2030’, which aims to contribute in achieving an overarching goal – to build a world by 2030 where no one is held back because they menstruate. Let's have a look on how brands carry Menstrual Hygiene Day.
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