Brands celebrating World Tourism Day- 2021

Every year on September 27, World Tourism Day is commemorated to promote awareness about the importance of tourism and how it influences social, political, cultural, and economic values across the world. The purpose of the day is to emphasise the importance of tourism in promoting and conserving cultures and history across the world.

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) approved its laws on September 27, 1970. These sculptures, considered a watershed moment in world tourism, laid the groundwork for the UNWTO to be founded five years later.

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) commemorated the inaugural World Tourism Day on September 27, 1980, to commemorate the organization's founding. Since then, the day has been commemorated all around the world.

World Tourist Day also recognises the importance of the tourism industry in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. For some countries, the industry accounts for more than a quarter of their GDP. In the midst of the epidemic, and with tourism being one of the worst-affected industries,
90 percent of global heritage sites were closed, putting millions of people out of work who relied on tourism for a living.

The goal of World Tourism Day is to emphasise the relevance of tourism in our lives and to focus on the sector's inclusive growth. Here's a look at how some brands celebrated World Tourism Day:


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