Brands Celebration on Pride Month #ProudMonth

Pride Month is commemorated every year in June and its a month long celebration that are marked by festivities, parades, and events to not just honour LGBTQ voices and experiences . Its about people coming together in love and friendship to show how each one of us support the gay rights. It is celebrated to aware and make people believe about equality in love and to brief them on the pride history.

PRIDE (Personal Rights in Defense and Education) month is observed every year to celebrate the LGBTQ community and also highlight the struggles faced by thos community. 

This month is celebrated Globally as it showcases an individual's fundamental right about autonomy, intimacy and identity. These stories about the LGBTQ rights inspire a lot of us and is considered to be a next generation community platform who comes out courageously and accept their choice without any fear of the society.

Under the 377 Section, Pride is now a known for a world of justice and demand for all the gay people who try to fill their life with colors and hope. 

As this beautiful month's celebration has come to end today, Brands have come up with such beautiful creatives to show how strong a pride community is and how gracefully they live,


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