“Brands want to target specific niches these days to make every marketing dollar count”

A content-preneur with over 13 years of experience with various platforms like Radio & Digital media, Antil Yadav started his content journey as a popular prime time Radio Jockey (RJ Khurki) for a leading radio station in Delhi. He was the youngest RJ in Delhi at the time.

With the onset of the digital boom in India, Yadav joined ScoopWhoop in 2015 and helped scale their fiction channel to a million-strong community. In 2017, he started building one of the biggest lifestyle channels in India – OK Tested – both as a creative supervisor spearheading end-to-end execution of videos and being a popular anchor with more than 75K Instagram followers.

In conversation with Adgully, Antil Yadav speaks about his journey from Radio Jockey to content creator, influencer marketing, future plans, and more.

What is the reason or inspiration that prompted you to become an influencer?

I never set out to become an influencer, I always wanted to create content and I am just glad that it resonates with a lot of people. It feels heartening and humbling to see that my audience relates to my experiences and point of views.

How has your journey been from RJ to social media content creator?

It has been a super exciting journey. From being that unseen friend from the Radio in 2010s to being on people’s subscription feed on YouTube – the journey was long, but fulfilling.

What are your visions and expectations in the upcoming years?

I feel that with the onset of so many social platforms, more and more talented creators from across India will get discovered and the creator economy will boom.

What are the challenges and opportunities you tackle as an influencer?

The opportunities are huge. From being able to strike a chord with the audience and being a part of their lives to being able to generate revenue through content. At the same time, it comes with its own set of challenges. The biggest one is to be consistent with putting out content on various platforms.

How do you keep growing your follower base? What are your unique strategies in this regard?

My strategy is absolutely simple. Be yourself and you will find people who relate to you. Also, I try to be consistent with the frequency of uploads on the channel.

How can one flourish using influencer marketing & brand collaborations?

The brands want to target specific niches these days to make every marketing dollar count. So, just be yourself and build your community. Don’t shy away from reaching out to brands for possible collaborations and always be true to your audience.

How do you think the creator economy will evolve in the days ahead?

A few years ago, it was hard to imagine that content creation on social media would turn into a profession. And today, some content creators are earning in lakhs per deal. With the discovery of new talented creators each day, the creator economy can only go upwards.


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