Breast cancer awarness program by PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has outlined his vision for a developed and healthy India and this can only be realized if the country breaks new ground when it comes to the healthcare sector. India's cancer burden is enormous. High costs owing to delayed detection and ignorance are two of the biggest reasons that cancer has not been able to shed its 'killer disease' image in the country.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among Indian women and is often symbolized in pop culture using a pink ribbon. Studies show that 1 in 28 Indian women develop breast cancer in their lifetime. When it comes to urban areas, the risk is higher with 1 in 22 women likely to fall prey to the disease. One reason for this is lifestyle changes that are more prevalent in cities as compared to villages.

It is advised that women regularly self-examine themselves and undergo mammograms at regular intervals so as to catch the disease early. If detected in its initial stages, the patient can receive timely treatment and go on to lead a healthy and productive life.

Shashwat DC, Features Editor, moneycontrol, says, “Keeping in mind the criticality of the issue and prevalence of the disease, we at moneycontrol, in association with GE, decided to do our bit by spreading awareness on the issue. Through a series of stories and interactive content pieces on the GE Step Ahead hub, we spoke about breast cancer and how early diagnosis is crucial to the disease. To make the campaign inclusive, we also created cancer awareness content in Hindi that was very well received by the readers. The campaign received a tremendous response.”


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