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Adgully has commenced a new column – ‘Brief Buzz’ – wherein we are inviting industry experts to share their views on what is trending right now in different fields of advertising, media and entertainment. And we have asked them to keep it short and sweet. 

In this article of Brief Buzz, Ambika Sharma, Founder, Pulp Strategy, writes about what is trending in the digital marketing sector today and how Technology and location-based data can provide the critical marketing edge. 

In the early days of the Internet, just having an online presence was considered to be sufficient in order to reach out to prospective consumers. No matter where a website visitor was from, one homogenous web identity was enough to convey what the brand stood for and what to expect from it. The rapid adoption of digital technology into everyday life, however, has changed this situation. Global brands are now adopting a more localised approach in order to connect with target audiences across multiple geographies. Take a look at how the American fast-food restaurant chain McDonald’s has successfully tailored its offerings and brand identity in India in order to gain more traction with the country’s consumer base. 

Given its effectiveness and impact, it is no surprise that glocalisation has become a buzzword for today’s digital marketers. The trend is expected to grow consistently over the next few years, particularly in India; the country is a high-growth, high-potential market, which witnessing an exponential increase in the adoption of the digital medium. As such, modifying their products and content to meet local requirements will allow businesses to stand out from the crowd and achieve a critical marketing edge. 

Technology and location-based data will play a critical role here, as they will help brands to identify the needs and preferences of the geographies they are targeting. With its countrywide presence and free data plans, Jio could be a possible game changer in the Indian digital marketing landscape. The large volume of device and data usage patterns expected to be aggregated by the telecom company could provide unparalleled insights into consumer behaviour across various markets, thereby helping marketers understand and serve the requirements of their target audiences in a much better manner.


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