Brillare unveils it’s latest consumer awareness campaign

Brillare, one of India’s fastest growing homegrown personal care brands, unveiled its new campaign “Don’t be #NaturalFool” to raise awareness about the nuances of adopting truly natural, chemical free products in one’s personal care routines.

This innovative campaign reinstates three simple rules to educate consumers to avoid falling for false promises by popular brands and hence, never be a #NaturalFool. The campaign leverages metaphor storytelling by product humanization to initiate discussion on reading the product back label.

Three simple thumb rules to check real natural product are:

  1. Firstly, check the key ingredient in the back label, which should always be in the first 3 list of ingredients
  2. Second is to check % of the key natural ingredients. The constitution of the main ingredient matters in the product for desired result.
  3. The last is if the product is really natural, "100% natural" should be written in front.

Brillare offers 100% vegan, natural, and cruelty-free products made with no chemicals and preservatives. Known for its innovative, category first products like 100% natural Oil Shots and powder Face Wash, Brillare is challenging the status quo by educating users to #ReadTheLabel through an honest and truthful approach. The digital campaign has been rolled out across the brand’s social media platforms like  Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.

On campaign execution, Mr. Jigar Patel, CEO of Brillare, who is also a formulation scientist with more than 20 patents said, “This idea is aligned with Brillare’s vision to share honest and truthful communication that adds genuine trust among consumers. Since inception, we have made products with clean, transparent labels to deliver the right efficacy. With higher social media percolation, dermatologist recommendations have been replaced by social media recommendations and guides. This campaign helps in simplifying the selection process of products instead of blindly listening to bloggers and brands claiming natural products. We want to create a movement to ingrain the practice of reading labels while shopping natural products among consumers.”

People are now starting to seek chemical-free and organic products and the same has been witnessed in the market growth that spiked 3x since the pandemic. Many Indian brands have been able to establish themselves and attract interest from investors. Considering the potential growth, many decade-old brands have also entered this space to stay relevant in today’s time. These home-grown brands promise to pamper Indian skin with the goodness of local, natural and organic products. 



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