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Britannia Good Day’s film captures every shade of a Mother’s smile #MotherOfAllSmiles

Mothers, love, chastise, worry, tease, protect… At the end of it all, mothers understand and that is when they smile – a different smile for each emotion.  Britannia Good Day pays tribute to the many smiles of a mother in their latest film for Mother’s Day called #MotherOfAllSmiles.

Mothers have been celebrated in Indian media from time immemorial. For example, Indian cinema of the 20th century defined and popularized the notion of faultless motherhood and duty-bound children. By and large, mothers and children had simple relationships defined by their love and duty to each other. Today’s millennial generation enjoys a more nuanced view of the world. They have more opportunities to explore professionally and in personal relationships, more confidence about taking risks, less hurry to settle and lesser interest in settling for less.  

The millennial mother therefore has more situations to find sync with, with her child.  She must deal with the varied experiences and explorations of her child and yet keep her equanimity. She is not docile. She knows her influence and must exercise it without stepping on her child’s liberties. She must keep her emotions in check but not quite lose control of a situation. Above all, she has to be understanding so that her child can grow up to become a free-thinking, well-rounded individual. The timeless quality of motherhood is love and the millennial mother shows her love for her child with the understanding smile.


The film is intended for a social media campaign to celebrate International Mother’s Day on 13th May.

Ali Harris Shere, VP-Marketing, Britannia Industries Ltd. Says A mother’s love is most special, and those heart-warming, all- knowing smiles of a mother are truly every child’s anchor and safe place. We have all grown up encountering those moments, and no matter where we are –we carry her smiles close to our heart. So what better way to celebrate International Mother’s Day than by creating a film which celebrates the #MotherOfAllSmiles!”

“We always think of a smile as one expression. Little do we realize that a smile has as many moods and emotions as the person wearing it. On Mother’s Day, we celebrate the many smiles that Mom bestows on us, that go on to make the world a happier place for us. The brand that is all about smiles, celebrates the woman who adds so much beauty and meaning to it, making us want to keep her smiling more. For every emotion expressed in the film, there’s as much left unsaid in the beautiful bond between the mother and the son. We all know a smile goes a long way. This film ensures it finds a place in our hearts.”, said Priya Shivakumar, ECD & Creative Head, JWT Bangalore and Chennai


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