Campaigns with a social message that directly impacts the society

There have been many social initiatives taken by conglomerates and startups for the betterment of the society which tend to either touch upon sensitive issues or highlight the grey areas of societal norms. A few brands have in the recent past revolved the conversations around women and the roadblocks they face in life through a slew of thoughtful campaigns. We have tried to list top women-centric social campaigns by brands that enshrine as to what needs to be changed.

#StopTheBeautyTest by Dove

The thoughtful campaign by global personal care brand Dove touches upon the subject of arranged marriage, which is an integral element of Indian society. The campaign talks about how external appearances like height, complexion or body shape are considered the parameters while the real beauty of a woman lies beneath these layers. The brand envisions this campaign to empower at least 8 million young women and sends out a very strong message. The stories of beauty-based rejections and judgement often faced by women make a strong case for changing societal beliefs. 

#MomYouAreNotAlone by Mother Sparsh 

The recently-launched campaign by Indian baby and mother care brand Mother Sparsh aims to bring on the centre stage the issue of postpartum blues or postpartum depression that millions of new moms go through during childbirth. The abysmal level of awareness in India around the issue is the factor behind the ITC-backed personal care brand initiating a campaign around the topic. The brand expects to touch the lives of at least 1 million new moms by providing them a secure environment for opening up about their issues.

#Kanyamaan by Mohey

A scathing attack on the patriarchal societal structure and practices in India, Kanyamaan by Mohey calls for eradication of marriage rituals that are regressive. The conventional ritual of Kanyadaan has in particular been questioned in this campaign by the ethnic wear brand. It advocates Kanyamaan, instead of Kanyadaan, wherein the groom’s parents too offer their son to the bride’s parents, thereby suggesting unison of two families on the basis of equality.

#Pure as Love by Bhima Jewellery

The 96-year-old jewellery brand launched a campaign in 2021 that took even the marketing bigwigs by surprise. The campaign titled Pure as Love was launched with a film that showed the journey of a transgender person from being a young and brooding boy to a smart and confident woman. The story has been narrated with complete simplicity, taking into account the sensitive implications of the subject. When the parents support their child, it sends out a strong message of inclusivity to the society.

#Rakhna Heart Ka Khayal by Saffola

While this campaign by the cooking oil brand stressed upon the need to take care of the heart in everyday life, it also came up with a new approach to take on the traditional mindset associated with a family. While usually men are the breadwinners and women manage the household, Saffola reversed the roles by letting the wife be an office goer while the husband became the home maker. A husband can be seen worrying about the increased stress of her working wife and decides that the best way to take care of her is to take care of her heart.


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