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Can a Traditional Indian Game Take Over the World?

When you think about some of the biggest and best card games in the world, the likes of blackjack and poker will instantly come into the heads of many people. Ask in India, and many would say Teen Patti, though that hasn’t yet translated to many other parts of the world.

However, not instantly, but at some point in the future, that could change. Gone are the days of Teen Patti being a secret, and a game that people enjoyed locally, either with friends or family, arranging games when they got together.

The reason for this has been the explosion of online casino gaming, so rather than playing Teen Patti at home with friends and family on select occasions, people can now play online whenever they want. Providers have targeted the Indian market, with sites like showing where people from India can play Teen Patti online.

The fact that these companies have added this game to their site is great news for Indian players, as it gives them a recognisable game to play online. However, it is also great news for the game in general, as we could see this be the turning point, and a way for brand new Teen Patti players to enjoy the game from other parts of the world.

Can Teen patti overtake Poker?

The game that Teen Patti is often compared to is poker, a worldwide game that is played on a huge scale. We even have big events live on TV, so look out for those being shown and the ratings they get in the latest TV news.

As things stand now, it seems incredibly unlikely that Teen Patti will ever overtake poker, but over the course of many years and more people turning to play the game, who knows what will happen. The key is getting familiarity, and showcasing just how good the game is, and perhaps even more importantly than that, how easy the game is to play.

When talking about Teen Patti in comparison to poker, people say it is a simpler version of the game, using many similarities and this is the message that needs to be given out. If people love poker and they want something similar, this game can offer that. If they love it but want something that is simpler to play, this game can offer that too.

Poker is dominated by the World Series of Poker, huge money events that take place around the world, with the best players heading to them to try and win life changing sums of money. If you want to be a poker star, these are the events you need to win.

With the right kind of interest and a growth in the number of players enjoying Teen Patti all over the world, this could eventually become a reality for Teen Patti. We are some way off, of course, but the creation of online Teen Patti and the ability to play that elsewhere away from India, is a step in the right direction.


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