Case Study: Kellogg’s #21Recipes21Days

Kellogg’s gives Indian parents 21 easy, nutritious and fast breakfast recipes – one for 21 days of the lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. The objective of the campaign was to capitalize on the social media sites and blogs to provide Indian moms with 21 easy recipes for 21 days of the lockdown.

In the first phase of the 21 Day Lockdown in 2020, Indians were adapting to a new way of life, where every member of the family was at home. Social listening reports revealed that parents were having conversations about the daily struggle on what food to cook, leading to a rise in recipe searches. The #21Recipes21Days campaign gave stressed parents across the country 21 different breakfast recipes for each day of the 21-day lockdown.

Brand: Kellogg’s

Agency: FoxyMoron and Pollen

1. Category Introduction

Ready-to-eat cereals have been gaining popularity because of changing lifestyles that allow less time for cooking. In India, the breakfast cereal market has been growing at an approximate rate of 18% CAGR in the last five years.

2. Brand Introduction

W.K. Kellogg founded the company ‘Kellogg’s’ in 1906 in Michigan, United States. They first entered the Indian market in 1994 after the Indian government allowed international trade. Their first innings in the Indian market were not successful as they had not adapted to the American taste. Shortly afterward, they re-entered the subcontinent with a ‘glocal’ approach and Indianized their products. Their first product launches included Chocos in 1996 and Frosties in 1997.

3. Problem Statement

Under the 21 Day Lockdown in the year 2020, Indians were adapting to a new way of life that was confined to their homes. Social listening revealed that Indian moms were talking about the daily struggle on what food to cook. This was due to the nationwide restrictions on restaurants and cafes, which led to an upsurge in recipe searches online.

4. Execution Strategy

The #21Recipes21Days campaign utilised the integrated approach on social media to reach their target audience. The platforms that they used to drive awareness and advocacy were:

  • Facebook Canvas, Facebook LIVE and Instagram grid

Facebook Canvas for the 21 recipes
Facebook Canvas for the 21 recipes

i. Facebook Canvas: This was a special interactive experience for the viewers that had a listing of all the 21 recipes under their respective categories.

ii. Facebook LIVE: A LIVE session was conducted with consulting chef, Ranveer Brar as the host. In this FB LIVE, he showcased easy recipes that could be made from Kellogg’s cereals. This LIVE session drove advocacy of bonding with your family through cooking, as chef Ranveer Brar cooked on the live with his son. This session also had an organic brand placement of the Kellogg’s products used for the recipes. After each recipe was discussed, a Q&A session with Chef Ranveer Brar was conducted on the LIVE video with branded plugins.

Live with Ranveer Brar on Facebook
Live with Ranveer Brar on Facebook

Momspresso Hindi sharing recipes on the live video to aid engagement & leading their followers to other recipes on their website

iii. Instagram: A grid of 21 posts with the 21 recipes was created to promote this campaign on Instagram. A few images for the campaign were taken by the food stylists brought on board by Pollen (the Influencer, Creator and Talent agency of the Zoo Media network). These were taken in a shoot that took place before the #21Days21Recipes campaign.

The Instagram Grid for Kellogg’s India
The Instagram Grid for Kellogg’s India

  • Momspresso Blog

This blog leveraged community driven advocacy of mommy bloggers to gain engagement among the mothers. These blogs on the Momspresso platform encouraged mothers to try the recipes, thereby spreading the word to the right target audience- mothers.

  • YouTube

To boost the Facebook LIVE by Chef Ranveer Brar, 30 second snackable videos were created from a 30 minute long Facebook LIVE. Further, the same were promoted as bumper advertisements across Youtube. The advertisements can be viewed here and here.

5. Results:

Through this campaign, consumers moved from awareness to consideration and eventually trial. The results of the campaign through each channel were as follows:

i. Facebook Canvas

Consumer Spent more than 30 seconds on the canvas microsite. The engagement rate was 7.2%.

ii. Facebook LIVE with Chef Ranveer Brar

There were 3.2 million unique views, 300 thousand organic views, more than 9 million impressions, a 6 million reach and 3.6 lakh engagements.

iii. Facebook & Instagram Creatives

The creatives had an unduplicated reach of 18.96 million and engagement rate between 4.5% -5.5%.

iv. Momspresso Blog

The blog had a 8 million reach on Facebook, 3.5 lakh engagements, 1.1 million unique visitors on the blog page and over 1 minute time spent on the blog (1.5x of industry average)

v. YouTube

The bumper ads had a total of 2.2 million views and 300 thousand organic views.


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