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Case Study: Viral Fission proves that RoI on meme marketing is no joke

Meme marketing might seem like a laughable matter as it is, though the return on investment is no joke. Meme Marketing has proven its mettle and has immensely qualified to be the potential next big thing in Marketing.

Viral Fission’s youth community has successfully connected and driven relevant conversation through memes around Dice Media’s Operation MBBS Season 2, featuring Ayush Mehra, Anshul Chauhan, Sarah Hashmi and many other renowned actors from the OTT space. Keeping a pulse on what is trending, balancing promotion with relate-ability, knowing the audience, and of course, actually being funny; the youth community exceeding 5000 students has stroked the right chord of culture hacking with over 400 memes.

Operation MBBS Season 2 is India’s first web series covering the pandemic from the perspective of the medical fraternity. In an emotional approach, the show brings to light the unprecedented situations and its impact on the medical community faced when the COVID19 pandemic hit the world. The series also unfolds a myriad of situations that take new turns in the lives of the three protagonists as they gear up for the most crucial 2nd year of the MBBS degree.

Achieved Objective

●      To help amplify the release of Operation MBBS Season 2 in the most organic format & create conversations among the target media.



From a branding perspective, Viral Fission heeds importance to find a balance between being promotional and relatable to your audience. With the aim to present a positive image of the series, without being a ‘Forced Fit’ as well as being comical without being offensive, the community identified that the goal is to promote indirectly.

Since the internet has enabled them to reach extremely vast demographics, they also recognized that there are countless memes out of which some may be relatable and others won’t. But an in-depth study of the target audience went a long way in picking a reproducible meme with cultural significance. (In this case, students who have watched Operation MBBS Season 1)


With the COVID induced growth and approximately every digital nomad spending almost 200 minutes online every day, a large market by itself, meme marketing was a gold mine! Memes are so prolific that there are abundant Gen Zers laughing and sharing them      while online. This was identified as a space with plenty of opportunities to engage with the audience.

Studying the target audience well and understanding the viewer-driven nature of marketing, Viral Fission focused on the essence of the communication the series aimed to offer and reciprocated them through relatable and memorable memes.


The creators studied in details on the recognized key touch points of the audience and revolved conversations around not only honest but also extremely relatable truth




With multiple memes, mirroring different walks of life – Situational Memes were appreciated the most among the digital nomads

In terms of Meme Marketing, there is an inherent danger just as with all forms of marketing. Making mistakes that may make a brand look disconnected from the world and the internet of all places is known for showing no mercy. With the approach of Viral Fission’s youth community, the same marketing technique was immensely amplified leading to over achieving the objective.

Commenting on the association, Joanesca Machado, Lead, Marketing, Pocket Aces said, “Our marketing objective for Dice Media's Operation Mbbs Season 2 was to create chatter within college communities across India. The campaign facilitated by Viral Fission ensured that our objective was met through highly popular content formats among today's youth such as memes and episode reviews by nano influencers, which in turn paved the way for organic conversations.”


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