CEAT Tyres releases video film #RidingHopeRidingChange

The film starts with ‘Master Sahib’ getting ready for a long daily commute to the school he teaches in. His mother is concerned that he spends so much time and effort traveling all that way just to teach a solitary student. He consoles her by saying that it is from the smallest beginnings that the path to success begins. He sets off in heavy rain but remains secure on the muddy road riding on his safe and dependable CEAT Tyres. Meanwhile, his student is preparing to reach the village school, confident that he will arrive even in this weather, just as he always does. Once at the school, the teacher asks the student to start singing ‘Vande Maataram’. He is surprised when four other students walk into the classroom and join in the celebration. It is a joyful occasion to learn that more students will now begin coming to the school. The hopes that the teacher had patiently nurtured are now coming to fruition – change is now happening.

The message of hope that the film delivers is mirrored in the efforts of CEAT Tyres in keeping their customers safe on every road allowing them to reach their destinations with hope in their hearts. It is this carefully fostered hope that eventually brings about change and strengthens the nation.

Mr. Arnab Banerjee, COO of Ceat Tyres was quoted as saying, “It is truly humbling to acknowledge those change makers who keep striving daily, often against great odds, to bring about change for the better in so many facets of life. On the occasion of Independence Day, we wish them the safest of journeys and all success in their endeavors in building the nation.”


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