Celeb memorabilia up for grab an initiative by MiD DAY

MiD DAY, yet again innovates and launches a unique opportunity for its readers and website users to own original stuff used by Bollywood Celebs in their movies. The readers and users only have to Bid Low and Bid Unique to grab the original Celeb items. MiD DAY launched Celeb Memorabilia on the bidlu.mid-day.com in an effort to drive greater traffic to the website and strengthen its partnership with Bollywood.

The famous Akshay Kumar's pouch, Ajay Devgn's shirt & trouser, Kareena's top, Arjun Rampal's denims, Kajol's hand-bag, Kanaga's dress and much more is up for grabs from their recent respective hits.

MiD DAY is synonymous with bollywood today. The newspaper delivers bollywood news & gossip like no one can. The partnership between Bollywood and MiD DAY is growing from strength to strength. With many unique joint-properties in place already, Celeb Memorabilia on the bidlu.mid-day.com becomes yet another avenue for the industry to promote itself.

Says Manajit Ghoshal MD & CEO of MiD DAY Infomedia Ltd - "It's been our constant endeavor to launch new initiatives that are clutter-breaking for the brand and also work for our partners across industries. It's a known fact that MiD DAY delivers Bollywood like no one else does. Our readers expect us to give them access to meet Bollywood stars and opportunities to own original movie memorabilia. Adding these Celeb items on bidlu.mid-day.com not only promotes the movie but also gives MiD DAY a great opportunity to drive traffic to the website"

Says Neville Bastawalla, Head Marketing at MiD DAY Infomedia Ltd ' "It's important for a brand like MiD DAY to ideate newer mediums of promotion. MiD DAY is known for Innovations. Bollywood is a very strong partner category for us and we constantly seek to co-create unique marketing opportunities to promote both the brands. Bidlu.mid-day.com is such a unique property that will enable all the movie fans to own original Celeb items that they always wanted as the lowest and unique bid wins"

Action is truly happening on mid-day.com. In Feb 2010 MiD DAY introduce the QR Code technology in the newspaper that enabled the user to read a story and view the supporting audio visual file on the website just by a click of a button. Recently MiD DAY won an award at a leading event for the introduction of QR Code technology in India by a newspaper.

Over 12 celebrities have chatted live on mid-day.com which helped to increase the engagement quotient on the website. Right from Priyanka Chopra, Bipasha Basu, Shahid Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, Ajay Devgn to name a few.

The company also has initiated Webisodes on mid-day.com. MiD DAY launched Bol Niti Bol in association with Balaji on the website which received great response.

mid-day.com also has a strategic alliance with Snaptu platform on mobile phones and has an exposure to over 2 million subscribers in India. In similar lines the website also has an alliance with Newshunt application embedded in all Aircel handsets.

The latest offering from the stable of the company is BIDLU (Bid Low & Unique) ' a reverse auction site for the end users. With participants winning laptops, blackberry's, Ipad's, digital camera's and much more in the range of 15 paise to Rs. 6.37 it truly is generating great response for mid-day.com and now Celeb memorabilia will only help add greater numbers.

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