CenturyPly Announces Innovative Solution Firewall Technology through IPL

CenturyPly, India’s largest manufacturer of plywood and decorative, continues its association with IPL second year in a row, announcing the launch of Firewall Technology in Architect Ply and Club Prime range of Century Plywood. With this association, the brand aims to reach the audience all across the country and target upwardly mobile households and consumers above 30 years. Firewall Technology is the outcome of arduous and indigenous research work done by the organization. The organization has decided to offer this benefit currently to its customers at no additional cost.

Firewall technology involves use of nano-engineered particles, which are embedded in the polymer matrix of a plywood, giving it best-in-class firefighting properties. Ordinary plywood once ignited rapidly gets destroyed, it acts as a medium to spread fire within minutes. It also generates a lot of smoke. The rapidly spreading fire ignites and destroys everything in its way, the smoke hinders rescue operations and may suffocate people to death. Before one can realise and act, the raging fire causes irreparable losses like loss  of  life, trauma, injuries, mental disorders, emotional and financial instability  and loss of  precious  belongings. CenturyPly now enriched with Firewall technology is certified as the best in class by Indian Standards (IS 5509), American Society for Testing Material (ASTM E84) and British Standard. (BS476 Part 7) when measured against critical parameters like flammability, spread ability, penetration, smoke developed index. Century Ply with Firewall Technology is best prepared to fight against self-disintegration due to fire and to contain the spread of fire and smoke generation. This helps in rescue operations, allowing time for its consumers to save own and loved ones’ lives or call for emergency help, fire engines, ambulances etc. Once the source of fire is removed it also acts to self-extinguish the fire.  

The brand has launched new TVC in association with film production agency Eeksaurus which is also regarded as Oscar of Animation. The conceptualization and script of the film has been done by creative agency Walter Thompson. The ad film perfectly captures the extraordinary capacity of CenturyPly Firewall plywood to contain the spread of fire. The advertisement will be aired on TV, digital, publisher, OTT and trade channels to ensure that target consumers are aware of this pioneering advancement brought in wood panel industry by Centuryply.

Association with IPL has helped brands to connect with consumers pan India every season, being an excellent driver of proposition awareness whether sponsorships (with teams as well as the league) or on-air tie-ups. Indian brands’ propensity to ramp up visibility through IPL bandwagon is moving the marketing needle for them and gaining momentum over the years. 

Commenting on the launch, Mr Keshav Bhajanka, Executive Director, Centuryply  said, “ We are deeply concerned about the rising incidences of fire across our country and we have decided to focus on what can be done to address this issue so that our customers continue to derive peace of mind from our solution. The result is this unique Firewall solution, which prepares our plywood to be the best in class to fight fire and give crucial time to save lives and valuables in case of fire breaking out. We wanted our film to quickly assimilate that Firewall Technology contains fire spread and smoke generation and gives customers crucial time to act. Our advertising agency Walter Thompson has done an excellent job to conceptualise and create the script of the film.”

Century Plywood reinforced with Firewall technology will be available across all dealers, retailers and from their own e shop https://www.centuryply.com/eshop/ along with Flipkart and Amazon, without having any additional cost applied.


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