CenturyPly is back with CenturyPly Heroes 2022

CenturyPly is back with CenturyPly Heroes 2022
CenturyPly is back with CenturyPly Heroes 2022

Century Plyboards celebrates the contribution of real ‘heroes of life’ and saluting their power with its annual award-winning campaign ‘CenturyPly Heroes’ 2022. Following the legacy of reiterating the commitment towards excellence that started back in 2014, this year the brand has taken a step ahead and showered tribute for heroes beyond the glory of festivity.

CenturyHeroes is a campaign undertaken annually in the hope to drive awareness and sensitivity towards causes and matters that are often ignored but integral to society. The campaign also aims to pay tribute to the community of carpenters for their craftsmanship. After the success of the Organ Donation Campaign last year, CenturyPly is back with a campaign on World Alzheimer’s Day (21st Sept) to educate the audience about this incurable disease with a heartfelt narrative and a hard-hitting message.  

Around 60 lakh Indians are affected by Dementia and Alzheimer’s. This number is estimated to grow by 13% every year and more than 90% cases remain undiagnosed in India. Alzheimer’s is the most common form of Dementia that affects senior citizens.  Patients of Alzheimer’s lose their recent memories affecting their safety and well-being adversely. Families of such patients need to be very sensitive around them to avoid mishaps and repeatedly try to bring back their recent memories for their well-being. This has been expressed beautifully in the film by CenturyPly. 

The campaign encourages widespread knowledge and know-how of what the condition entails and how it affects the family’s emotional health as well. While Dementia and Alzheimer’s are often mistaken to be a part of old age, it is a condition that is degenerating in nature and can get worse with time if medical intervention is avoided. To further strengthen the campaign, CenturyPly has associated with Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society (ARDSI) affiliated to Alzheimer’s Disease International (UK). CenturyPly has also pledged to support 15 Alzheimer’s patients with the help of ARDSI. 

With the main essence of CenturyHeroes, CenturyPly continues to pay tribute to its community of Carpenters, as they are not only the creative craftsman of a home but also a source of heartwarming happiness. In the campaign we see how a Carpenter can go out of his way to help an elderly couple cope with Alzheimer’s through his creative innovation and mindfulness. The campaign has a larger message of how furniture of woodcraft is not simply home décor but a reminder of important milestones and happy memories.  

Through this campaign CenturyPly urges its audience to remember those who cannot remember and show utmost sensitivity and care to patients of Alzheimer’s and their families. Along with that, CenturyPly also acknowledges the brilliance of carpenters who over a period often become a family member contributing to the real happiness of thousands of families. 

Conceptualized by Wunderman Thompson and created by Visual Audio, the film depicts an emotional narrative between an elderly couple and their carpenter ending with a message for everyone. The film has starred renowned actors – Anang Desai, Nayan Bhatt and Sushil Pandey and will be promoted across digital platforms. 

Remarking on the launch of the campaign, Mr. Keshav Bhajanka, Executive Director, CenturyPly said, “CenturyHeroes has evolved in a big way every year and is now one of our biggest campaigns. We are extremely humbled to be making a slight difference in the lives of people about matters crucial to society. This year, while we pay tribute to our carpenter community for skills and innovation, we also drive awareness about Alzheimer’s affecting senior citizens on World Alzheimer’s Day, a cause that is often unnoticed or mistaken. We hope that people identify the message and take necessary steps to be mindful about the cause”


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