CenturyPly's latest digital film highlights its products durability

CenturyPly has always been an innovator in the engineered wood manufacturing industry for pioneering products as well as for opting innovative measures to build a better brand connect with their consumers. In the recent years, the brand has come a long way and positioned itself as one of the notable market leaders not only in the plywood category, but also in the decoratives and doors division. Being a dedicated consumer conscious brand, it has always aimed to educate its consumers on better quality products and hence, for an influencer driven category like doors, it has to create affinity and preference for itself in the industry.

For the past decades, the brand’s core proposition has been that of structural strength with campaigns highlighting the durability of CenturyPly products, especially plywood. This time around, the brand has adapted a humourous take on both retailers and consumers; highlighting the importance of doors in our daily life by launching a web-video on CenturyDoors. Through this video, CenturyPly makes an attempt to educate the consumers in an entertaining manner about the importance of good quality doors, which saves a lot of hassles and cost in the longer run.

Doors have recently shifted from a commoditised product to a consumer one. However, the consumers’ involvement is still not adequate while choosing it and dependency up on unidentified influencers persists as well. Therefore, it has been always a challenge for the creative team to infuse excitement and humour for such a category but the brand has exceeded expectations on this as well.

The web-video was curated focusing on the importance of quality in doors since it may have a bearing on security and safety of our beloved people, household assets and valuables. It showcases how customers should insist on a good quality branded door from a trusted manufacturer during purchase. Adding the humourous quotient liberally, the web-video aims to emphasize on selecting a quality product over a cheap one, which will save the consumers from unnecessary hassle and spending double in the longer run.

The relatable tonality and the story concept of this hilarious web-video was directed by Visual Audio, where renowned artists like Mr. Rajkumar Kanoria and others has starred.  The video will be promoted through the CenturyPly’s official website along with all its social media assets, YouTube & other publisher’s site. Furthermore, the video will be shared with CenturyPly’s empanelled carpenters, contractors, dealers, distributors and employees as well for a better connect and to educate them on the core messaging.

On account of launching this web-video, Ms. Nikita Bansal, Executive Director, Doors, CenturyPly said, “We at CenturyPly, believe in providing quality products to our consumers and their trust is paramount to us. With the launch of this video, we are extremely excited to witness the expected brand connect and hope to educate them on the importance of quality, in a product category like doors. CenturyPly has always been the front-runner in the Indian plywood industry, and being a part of it, CenturyDoors also resonate similar trust and unwavering quality assurance of the mother brand.”


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