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Charcoal Eats Partners With Naagin Hot Sauce; Launches' The Bhoot Biryani' Challenge

In a new development, Charcoal Eats, a full-stack quick service restaurant based in Mumbai, has partnered with Naagin Hot Sauce on several fronts. The goal is to pair hot sauces with a variety of delicious biryanis.

The team at Charcoal Eats is here to provide you with a wide variety of delectable biryanis to choose from. The goal is to provide you with the best Biryani in Mumbai at the click of a button. And it does so by providing high-quality 'Food' with a taste that makes you want to come back to them and say, 'Yeh Dil Maange More.

For many years, consumers who choose curated specialities like Biryani have struggled with a lack of sauce options. This space, which Raita or Curd previously dominated, now offers the option of pairing some of the world's hottest sauces with Biryani, a crowd-pleaser for spicy delicacy fans.

But, the twist here is the #TheBhootBiryani challenge. This is the hottest drop of the year.With their friends at Naagin, Charcoal Eats has launched the 'Spiciest Biryani in the World,' and it's HOT.The deathly hot Bhoot Biryani, made with one Bhut Jolokia chilli per serving, will burn you once, twice, and most definitely three times. If you believe you can withstand the heat? Then you're invited to participate in #TheBhootBiryaniChallenge.

If you sign up for the challenge, keep the following in mind:

  • On camera, finish Bhoot Biryani in 10 minutes.
  • To get relief from the heat, do not drink any water, milk, juice, or other beverages.
  • Send the video to @charcoaleats @naaginsauce once it's finished.
  • Use the hashtags #TheBhootBiryani #TheBhootBiryaniChallenge in your stories.
  • There is no charge.
  • Prizes are given to the winners!
  • Exclusively for Mumbai.

Speaking on the partnership, Mohammed Bhol, Co-Founder & Co-head, Product Development Charcoal Eats, said, "At Charcoal Eats we strive to create great consumer experiences through intersection of cultures, flavors, and our own blend of uniqueness.Our friends at Naagin mirror our philosophy and belief that India has the ability to create great brands. Heart of this is the food but also the ability to engage with consumers and build an emotional relationship.The bhoot biryani challenge is our medium to do the same. Ghost pepper aka bhoot jholakia is the worlds spiciest chilly with a scovile of(measuring how hot it is) of 1 million units. The challenge especially when done with friends is a good reason to come together, have fun and bond!"

Arjun Rastogi Co-founder, Naagin Sauce stated Naagin and Charcoal eats are old taste buds. We’re all real food people here and have an obsession for good ingredients so it’s always been a great conversation when we talk new recipes and food exploration with them. They know their biryanis and we know our spices. When Mohamed approached us with this insane idea, we didn’t think twice.It felt like the crossover nobody asked for, but everyone needed – a delicious biryani, with some smoky hot bhut jolokia to tickle some taste buds. It tastes amazing, but you don’t play with fire, do you? The reactions are just hilarious and we’re all in tears for very different reasons!


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