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Chrome Data Wk. 47: 'Agriculture Reform Bills' the Most Trending News

Chrome News Track is India’s first Live News Consumption measurement PaaS to MAXIMIZE RATINGS on the back of key editorial decisions at the click of a button. The tool gives an immediate competitive edge with near live tagging on what your competition is airing and what you are missing out on, eventually boosting your News Channels' ratings (with additional data from a 24*7 live panel of 2000 touchpoints with live indicative viewership that tallies with the subsequent ratings system trends). Features include - Story Analysis, Sub Story Analysis, Anchor Analysis, Top Genres, Logistic Monetization and Exclusive Competitive Stories.

All viewership inputs are a hybrid of the above LIVE data via 1) the Chrome LIVE Panel of 2000 boxes representing the cable universe of 184 million homes (translating to ~791 MN individuals – second by second image captures of the content watched), and 2) the on-ground distribution fluctuations across 1700 unique feeds sourced from Chrome Track, (Chrome’s city-wise connectivity OTS- Opportunity to see).

Most Aired News in Week 47:

According to the Chrome News Track data for Week 47 - 2020, “Agriculture Reform Bills” was the most Aired News followed by News on “Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19)”. The News on “Love Jihad Case in Uttar Pradesh” stood at rank 3 whereas “Sushant Singh Rajput Death and Drugs Case” was next on the list, and News on “Love Jihad Law” managed to take the fifth and the last spot, in the top 5.

Most Watched News in Week 47:

The data also unveils that “Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19)” was the most watched news for the week grabbing maximum eyeballs, followed by “Agriculture Reform Bills”. The news on “Sushant Singh Rajput Death and Drugs Case”, “Encounter in Jammu & Kashmir” & “Love Jihad Law” also garnered interest amongst viewers and are placed at 3rd, 4th, and 5th respectively on the list.

India’s first Live News Consumption measurement PaaS - MAXIMIZE RATINGS on the back of key editorial decisions at the click of a button.

Coverage – Urban 3,429 Class 1 and LC1 towns representing 92.3% population of urban India & 5,93,615 villages representing 100% of the rural population of India.

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