Cleartrip’s latest campaign unveils Cleartrip Tatkaal

In an industry-first initiative, Cleartrip, India’s fastest-growing online travel platform, has introduced Cleartrip Tatkaal, offering flat 50% off on all domestic flights and hotels every day from 12 noon onwards on Cleartrip and Flipkart Travel. To amp up the excitement around the launch of the initiative, the brand has launched a digital campaign featuring two fun and quirky ad films. 

Centred around the campaign’s core narrative ‘Ab Isse Achhi Kya Good News’, the two ad films express the unparalleled excitement of receiving a flat 50% off on domestic flight and hotel bookings. The two separate storylines feature characters in starkly different settings, culminating in the same ecstatic expression of joy when the deep discounts trump every other good news, whether it’s a birth announcement or a much-awaited business investment. 

The first ad film opens with a couple sitting at the table. As the wife announces her good news – her newly discovered pregnancy – the husband is elated but distracted by an alarm that goes off exactly at 12 noon – the Cleartrip Tatkaal window is open! The husband quickly books a hotel at a fabulous 50% off and delights his wife with his own good news. 

Following a similar storyline, the second ad film features 2 business partners – one of whom receives news that every entrepreneur dreams of – the company has just closed a massive investment. What could be better? Cleartrip Tatkaal, of course! As the 12 noon alarm buzzes, the second entrepreneur rushes to book tickets and announces the sweet deal that he’s secured a flat 50% off. 

With light humour enhancing the campaign’s feel-good factor, the two ad films focus on a bewildered individual because they thought they were sharing the best news possible. But, Cleartrip’s got something exciting up its sleeve too. The ad films’ premise perfectly captures the emotions attached with receiving incredible discounts and prices slashed by half! After all, who doesn’t love a great deal?

Kunal Dubey, CMO at Cleartrip said, “As Cleartrip introduces Cleartrip Tatkaal, a big celebration was warranted. The proposition, an industry-first initiative, will offer a window of opportunity where travellers can get a flat 50% off on all domestic flights and hotels, that’s double the benefit for half the price. What could be better? The campaign has perfectly captured this core sentiment in a light-hearted yet meaningful way. We’re making every good news sound better now because our customers can comfortably book a longer, leisurely trip without worrying about burning a hole in their pocket. All you need to do is seize the opportunity. We’re excited to share this good news with our customers and want them to make the most of Cleartrip Tatkaal!”


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