Clubhouse Introduces Spatial Audio and Now Serves 700,000 Rooms Per Day

Clubhouse may have lost some of its lustre, and it may appear like Twitter's Spaces has surpassed it in many respects. Clubhouse, continues to rise, but at a slower pace than it was in January.

Clubhouse announced today that spatial audio is now available as part of its weekly community update, giving your Clubhouse discussions a new level of depth. With each speaker seeming to be at a different position around the virtual room, it sounds more like a real-world conversation.

This may make it more interesting, simulating in-person interaction while also allowing for better distinction between each voice. Clubhouse's software will now give a particular location to each speaker in a room to mimic audio spacing, "taking care to evenly distribute speakers for maximum intelligibility."

Clubhouse in it’s blog post mentioned that music and stereo sources will be placed in the artificial environment and will retain their spatial separation.


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